• Scripture

    Genesis 2:15
    “Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.”

    This is the 55th Lecture on Genesis.

    In the last lecture, I explained how dinosaurs were driven to the Earth when they tried to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

    Even as they were being driven out to the earth, however, they still didn’t realize their fault.

    They did not show or feel any sense of remorse or repentant discipline.

    Instead, they felt that they had been unjustly mistreated.

    They begrudged being driven out of the Garden of Eden even though they didn’t eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

    How do you feel when you are reprimanded or punished for your mistakes-

    Those who are humble in heart accept having mistakes pointed out or even the reprimand of a little one.

    Even when they had nothing to do with the mistake that was pointed out, they check themselves first.

    However, there are people who don’t take it well even when they did do something that should have been pointed out.

    They fall into many different categories; some seem to acknowledge their fault, but they don’t like having attention drawn to it.

    “I know it’s my fault, and I am sorry, but is it really necessary to point it out and draw attention to me-” They feel troubled in their hearts like this.

    Here is another type of person.

    The person who knows it is their fault, but they consider the faults of others to be worse than their own.

    They feel that they are the only one whose faults are pointed out and they feel that there are others who have greater faults that are not pointed out. They hold resentment towards those who pointed them out.

    Some people say they have reasons for their mistakes. They feel they are being treated unfairly because people don’t understand the reasons but just point out their mistake.

    Moreover, some others react to pointing out their faults with harsh words or hard feelings.

    They may say, “Then do it yourself!” or “It’s none of your business” and reject the pointing out their mistakes.

    The hearts of people like these are so arrogant.

    Proverbs 13:10 says, “Through insolence comes nothing but strife, But wisdom is with those who receive counsel.”

    And Proverbs 29:1 says, “A man who hardens his neck after much reproof will suddenly be broken beyond remedy.”

    Therefore, I hope that you can be wise enough to take counsel or reproof.

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    To dinosaurs, the earth was quite small.

    It was because they lived in the huge Garden of Eden which cannot be compared with the size of the earth.

    Unlike the Garden of Eden, there was nothing divine on earth.

    The Garden of Eden belongs to the spiritual realm, but the earth, to the fleshly world.

    In addition, the Garden of Eden was under the direct influence of Adam.

    All the men and animals obeyed the authority of Adam and they lived in harmony.

    Of course, the earth was also under the authority of Adam. However, his influence was not as strong as it was in the Garden of Eden.

    In fact, for a certain period of time after dinosaurs were driven out to the earth, Adam was not allowed to visit the earth.

    Therefore, dinosaurs felt as if they suddenly had been moved from a well-developed country to an under-developed country.

    Besides, to the eyes of dinosaurs, the animals of the earth looked insignificant.

    Dinosaurs were created in the spiritual realm.

    Since they stayed long enough by Adam, they were somewhat wise in a way as well.

    On the other hand, the animals of the earth are fleshly beings. Their souls function, but they have very poor intellect.

    They just look for food, eat the food, and reproduce instinctively.

    The animals of the earth looked insignificant to the eyes of dinosaurs.

    I told you before that the animals and plants in the Garden of Eden have better color and are more attractive than the animals and plants of their kind on earth,

    For example; the color of the fur and the appearance of lions on the earth are lesser by far than the lions in the Garden of Eden.

    The same applies to other animals.

    Therefore, the animals of the earth looked ugly and insignificant to the eyes of dinosaurs.

    In addition, dinosaurs began to ignore the animals of the earth because their size was far smaller than the size of dinosaurs.

    When they were in the Garden of Eden, they had not ignored animals only because they were smaller in size.

    It was possible because there was no evil then.

    However, as they were driven out to the earth and stained with evil, they came to ignore the animals of the earth only because they were smaller in size.

    Likewise, after they came down to the earth, dinosaurs ignored everything they saw and they respected nothing.

    They became rather snobbish and came to think of themselves as being superior beings.

    Due to this snobbery, they considered themselves as kings to rule over the earth or god-like beings.

    They even came to think, “We can reign over everything of the earth with our strength and wisdom. We can become just like Adam who rules over the Garden of Eden, or God who created everything.”

    They became so arrogant in their hearts.

    Let’s examine the situation of dinosaurs after being driven out to the earth. They had very strong feelings that they had been treated unfairly which increased their sense of superiority.

    The reason dinosaurs came to have and give off such evil thoughts and feelings was because they were on the earth and exposed to the fleshly space.

    They were driven out to the earth because they were already being controlled by Satan.

    Since dinosaurs were now on the earth, which is a fleshly space, it was much easier for the devil and Satan to work.

    The dinosaurs didn’t humble themselves in repentance but instead they complained about unfairness and increased in attitude of superiority and arrogance.

    They had no consideration for other animals.

    Dinosaurs became prey to Satan completely.

    They were quickly stained with evil and they became aggressive.

    Among them, those who led the rebellion became the most aggressive.

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    Some people look humble when they are in lower positions, but once they are in higher positions, chances are that they soon become arrogant.

    When they are in lower positions, even if they have arrogance, they cannot do whatever they please; therefore it is rare for their arrogance to be revealed.

    However, as their position becomes high and they have authority to do things as they please, this is when their arrogance is revealed.

    Even if they cause difficulties for others with their authority, they don’t realize it.

    Our church workers should be always on the alert not to become like this.

    “I used to a man of obedience, so how could I have become a man who gives orders and commands so easily-“

    “I used to say only ‘Amen’ no matter what my senior said to me. Why is it that I make excuses and disobey now-“

    “I used to serve everyone. When did I become one who now wants to be served-“

    You have to always check yourself like this.

    Not only with deeds, but with just one word you can either serve or ignore someone.

    The higher your position becomes, the more humble you should become in your heart.

    In Matthew 23:11, Jesus said, “But the greatest among you shall be your servant.”

    Paraphrasing what Jesus said, when ‘a great man’ is the boss, many people obey him and follow him from their hearts.

    They don’t read their boss’ face or obey just because they fear the boss.

    Reluctant obedience out of fear is not true obedience.

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    There is evidence which proves that dinosaurs were not originally from the earth, but they appeared suddenly on earth instead.

    They are the fossils of dinosaurs.

    From the dinosaur fossils which have been found in the world, you can infer a fact that they lived together in a group when they were alive.

    It is because the fossils were concentrated in certain places.

    For example, many different kinds of dinosaur fossils have been found in Alberta, Canada.

    Among them, 300 fossils of the same species in various sizes from babies to adults were found there.

    A huge amount of dinosaur fossils was also discovered in the Egg Mountains of Montana in the US.

    In one case of dinosaur fossils, about 10,000 fossils were found in a range of 2 kilometers of a particular species.

    The dinosaur fossil distribution map in Korea is the same.

    A large number of dinosaur fossils, fossilized eggs and their foot prints were discovered in southern Korea.

    If dinosaurs had originally developed and lived on earth, they could not have lived together.

    Even (large) numbers of lions or tigers don’t live together in one place.

    The reason is that they would compete fiercely for food if they all lived together.

    If you calculate the current population of tigers on earth and the areas of their habitat, you will come up with this figure; 4 tigers live in 422 square kilometers; two thirds of the area of Seoul.

    The average body weight of tigers is 200 kilograms, and the minimum amount of everyday intake of food is about 10 kilograms. (or a tiger of about 445 pounds needs a minimum of about 22 pounds)

    In case of an elephant, the average body weight is 5 tons (4535 Kg), and the minimum intake of food a day is 407 pounds (185 kilograms).

    Both herbivores and carnivorous must eat an amount that is at least 3-5% of their body weight every day.

    To sum it up, for a tiger to survive which weighs 200 kilograms, it has to eat at least 10 kilograms of food a day, and to find such an amount of food, it needs to secure an area of 105 square kilometers as its territory.

    Based on this study, let’s calculate the area of a dinosaurs’ territory and the average amount of intake.

    In order for a dinosaur weighing 20 tons to survive, which is 100 times heavier than an average tiger, it needs 1 ton of food every day.

    And this dinosaur would need 10,500 square kilometers of area which is 100 times bigger than a tiger’s territory.

    From this calculation, you come to a conclusion that only 9 dinosaurs which weigh 20 tons could survive in an area the size of South Korea.

    Only two brachiosaurus which weighed about 80 tons could survive in South Korea.

    In Kyung-Book province in 1973, however, a fossil of ultra-saurus which is believed to have weighed 120 tons was discovered.

    If the size of a dinosaur were this big, only one of them could survive in South Korea.

    But many fossils of different dinosaur species of the same period were also discovered together.

    By these facts alone, you can see that dinosaurs were not originally from this earth, but that they suddenly appeared here and then disappeared.

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    Once driven out to the earth, dinosaurs thought they were the strongest and most superior beings on earth.

    Then, as they became more arrogant they received stronger works of Satan.

    They also became so violent that they began to destroy the natural environment of the earth.

    They were huge but they were still able to move about freely and unencumbered, other animals were hurt or trampled.

    They even killed other animals.

    In the beginning, it was not intentional, but by accident.

    However, as they became more violent, they came to hurt other animals as they pleased.

    As a result, in a short period of time, the earth was becoming seriously destroyed by dinosaurs.

    Suppose there is a beautiful flower bed as large as 10 square meters (about 40 square feet).

    It will not matter even if tens (dozens) of locusts live in this flower bed.

    However, what if a wild pig breaks into the flower bed-

    The wild pig will dig up the flower bed and quickly destroy it and turn it into a mess.

    Before dinosaurs came down, the animals of the earth lived in harmony and peace.

    However, this harmony was broken as dinosaurs came down.

    It was because dinosaurs moved around like outlaws.

    As dinosaurs that had once lived in the spiritual realm of the Garden of Eden came down to the fleshly space of the earth, many changes occurred to their physical constitution in a fleshly sense.

    When dinosaurs ate in the Garden of Eden, it was not to satisfy their appetite.

    It was to provide them with necessary energy and to be full all the more.

    Even if they didn’t eat, they didn’t feel hunger.

    In addition, as they ate food in the Garden of Eden, the food was dissolved 100% inside their body.

    Most of it was absorbed as the source energy, and unnecessary constituents were excreted or passed by respiration into the air as they breathed.

    Therefore, they didn’t need to void their bowels or bladder.

    After they came down to the earth, however, they had to void after eating just like other animals on earth.

    If dinosaurs began to void only after they came down to the earth, did they have the necessary organs inside their bodies when they lived in the Garden of Eden-

    God foreknew what would happen in the future, and created the excretory organs from the beginning.

    Since they didn’t need to void since the function wasn’t necessary, but once they came down to the earth, it started to function.

    The same applies to digestive organs.

    Dinosaurs ate only vegetables in the Garden of Eden.

    However, some of them ate meat as well after they came to the earth.

    You may wonder, “How can an animal like a cow which used to eat only vegetables suddenly eat meat-“

    The fact is, however, that God originally created the digestive organs of dinosaurs so that they could digest meat as well.

    For reference, people assume that from among all the discovered fossils, only 3~5% of the dinosaurs ate meat.

    More than 95% were fossils of plant-eating dinosaurs.

    Therefore, you can see that only a small number of dinosaurs became meat-eating dinosaurs after driven out to the earth.

    How could some of dinosaurs come to eat meat-

    As dinosaurs fell into the earth which is in a fleshly dimension, they felt extreme hunger.

    In order to maintain their huge bodies, they had to eat tremendous amounts of food.

    They ate every fruit and plant they saw, but they were not satisfied to the extent they had become accustomed to in the Garden of Eden.

    Even though they kept on eating, it was difficult to satisfy their hunger.

    Since they ate good quality fruit in the Garden of Eden, the food on the earth didn’t satisfy their appetites.

    One day, some dinosaurs killed animals of the earth by mistake, and they smelled their blood.

    As they smelled the blood when they were hungry, they ended up eating the meat as well.

    This was how meat-eating dinosaurs came into being.

    As a result, the order of the earth both in spirit and in flesh began to be destroyed.

    As dinosaurs ruined the environment of the earth, they also destroyed the fleshly order of nature. As they ignore and hurt other animals, they destroyed the creation order of God.

    As time passed by, dinosaurs increasingly killed and ate more animals. To fill their empty stomachs, they began to eat up the fruits and plants at an incredible speed as well.

    If they had been left alone, every kind of fruit, tree, and plant would have become extinct.

    Let me give you an illustration to show how it is possible.

    An elephant eats 185 kilograms a day.

    Do you know how much it is-

    If you dry grass, compress it, and form it into a one cubic meter box, it weighs about 30 kilograms.

    An elephant should eat at least 6 of such bales of hay every day.

    Let take this as standard, and calculate the amount of food a plant-eating dinosaur would eat.

    People believe that one brachiosaurus, a plant-eating dinosaur – weighed about 80 tons.

    To maintain its life, it had to intake food which was 3~5% of its body weight.

    If it needed 3% at least, it had to eat 2.4 tons of grass every day.

    A one cubic meter bale weighs about 30 kilograms, which means a brachiosaurus had to eat about 80 bales a day.

    If a 20 ton dinosaur eats meat, it means that it had to 1 ton of meat every day, which is 5% of its body weight.

    It is equivalent to the amount of food that five tigers eat a day.

    It is because we consider the average body weight of a tiger is 200 kilograms.

    By the way, was it just a couple of dinosaurs which were driven out of the Garden of Eden-

    A huge number of dinosaurs were driven out to the earth, and thus the animals and plants of the earth were about to become extinct sooner or later.

    From this fact only, you can see that dinosaurs were not originally from the earth.

    The scientists of the world say that dinosaurs lived on earth in the Mesozoic Age.

    The Mesozoic Age was the period from 250 million years ago till 65 million years ago.

    Scientists say that dinosaurs suddenly appeared as the Mesozoic Age began, and that they suddenly became extinct after they lived for 160 million years.

    From the calculation of the amount of intake of food a day, however, it is impossible for dinosaurs to live on the earth for such a long period of time.

    Scientists proclaim that there was 100 times more food than today.

    Even if it were true, such a huge number of dinosaurs couldn’t live for very long.

    You can see that it is becoming more impossible to explain dinosaurs from the viewpoint of evolutionism.

    How could such a huge size animal eat and survive for a long period of time-

    In the intermediate stage of evolution, body function or shape is not complete.

    With such a form or stage of development, it would have been difficult to hunt; it would have been rather easy to be attacked by other animals.

    In such an incomplete shape, how could they have maintained their lives and evolved into dinosaurs-

    If evolutionism were true, before the huge number of dinosaurs appeared, dinosaurs in the previous forms, in other words, the dinosaurs in the intermediate state of evolution should have existed.

    And its number should have been much bigger than the number of the normal and complete dinosaurs.

    It is because evolutionists proclaim that until an animal evolves into a complete animal, it has to go through many steps of evolution.

    What about dinosaurs-

    In order for a dinosaur to have a complete shape, there should be much more animals which were similar but quite a bit different in its shapes.

    However, among all the currently known dinosaurs, only 20% of them are discovered with complete bone structure.

    In other words, most of dinosaurs are not complete yet with proper bone fossils.

    It is even more difficult, therefore, to find fossils of dinosaurs’ ancestors.

    Without any evidence to prove the evolution of dinosaurs, they make a false assumption in vain.

    However, when explained with the word of God, it can all be so easily explained!

    It is sufficient enough to explain the fact of how dinosaurs suddenly appeared on earth.

    I will continue to explain in the next lecture, the reason of their sudden extinction conforms to the explanation of God.

    From these facts, we can see that God the Creator is alive.

    In the next lecture, I will tell you how long dinosaurs lived on earth, and how they became extinct.

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

    In this lecture, I explained how dinosaurs changed both in spirit and body after they were driven out to the earth.

    Spiritually, on the earth it became easier for the dinosaurs to receive Satan’s work. As their constituents became fleshly, they came to feel intense hunger.

    There was such big difference when they lived in the Garden of Eden which is surrounded by light and when they lived on earth which is a fleshly space.

    Even though you live in the fleshly space, if you receive the help of the Holy Spirit, you can live in the spiritual dimension as much as you wish.

    That is, if you live by the word of God, which is the spiritual light, you can live inside the spiritual space which is surrounded by the light.

    In John 3:20-21, the Lord said that those who do evil do not come to the Light, but that those who practice the truth come to the Light.

    My you receive overflowing blessings in the level of spirit as you always dwell in the light, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!
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