Genesis 2:15
[15] Then the LORD God took the man and put him into the garden of Eden to cultivate it and keep it.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is the 53rd lecture on Genesis.

In the last lecture, I told you about two beings that stayed beside Adam in the Garden of Eden.

They were cherubim and dinosaurs.

Cherubim are spiritual beings that originally come from the 3rd Heaven, and dinosaurs originally come from the 2nd Heaven.

In the concept of dimension based on spaces, cherubim belong to the 3rd dimension and dinosaurs to the 2nd dimension.

Their roles in helping Adam were also different.

Cherubim escorted Adam, and guarded the Garden of Eden.

Among the cherubim in the Garden of Eden, those in leading position escorted Adam and followed him wherever he went.

Adam closely communicated with those cherubim that were in charge of guarding the border of the Garden of Eden.

Protecting the Garden of Eden was a very important duty given to Adam.

Simply put, dinosaurs were like pets to Adam.

Adam just played with them, and enjoyed their company.

In this way the cherubim took the greater role than dinosaurs did in helping Adam.

There were many dinosaurs in the Garden of Eden, and the leader of the dinosaurs was very close to Adam.

Please remember that the dinosaur that I will be repeatedly mentioning is this dinosaur which was in very close proximity to Adam.

When Adam visited the earth, cherubim the followed Adam, but dinosaurs couldn’t go with him.

Since cherubim were spiritual beings, they could freely visit the earth.

On the other hand, dinosaurs would have had to have taken an aircraft to visit the earth just as Adam did because they were made from the ground of the Garden of Eden.

However, they didn’t actually need to travel to the earth.

The reason was because the earth was none of their concern.

Even though dinosaurs were loved by Adam, they envied the cherubim which always followed Adam.

Dinosaurs didn’t have humanity like men.

However, they spent many long years with Adam and thus they did know what it was to share love with him.

Dinosaurs felt good when Adam was with them, but they didn’t when Adam was accompanied only by cherubim.

Their envy of cherubim increased as time passed.

You can see that even pets become envious and jealous of each other.

If you have many puppies at home, they intensely compete with each other to receive more attention and love from the master than others do.

Dinosaurs were specially created for Adam in the Garden of Eden by God.

They were far smarter than the animals of the earth, and they had excellent ability to commune with Adam.

Therefore, they wanted to be loved all the more by Adam, and so they envied the cherubim.

This envy of the dinosaurs grew too big, and it finally went beyond the limit.

Since dinosaurs were made from the ground of the Garden of Eden, they didn’t have evil attributes originally.

As their envy grew greater and greater, the possibility that it could deteriorate into evil such as jealousy became high.

Dear brothers and sisters.

I said the roles of cherub and dinosaurs were surely different.

Dinosaurs couldn’t play the role of cherub, and the cherub did not act like dinosaurs.

Therefore, dinosaurs only had to be faithful to their role and be satisfied with it.

But a problem arose because of the dinosaur’s strong desire for increased attention went beyond limits.

Each part of your body has its own role.

Eyes, nose, mouth, ears, hands, and feet- each all play a very important role.

What if feet envied hands and wanted to become hands- What if hands wanted to become eyes out of their envy-

The same applies to all the workers in a church.

Some duties seem more important according to a situation or time.

However, there is no duty that is not important.

For example, I am given the duty of Senior Pastor of this church, but if there were no members in this church, what would be the use of the duty as Senior Pastor-

Depending on their duties, some people’s works are revealed outwardly, but others’ works are not at all.

However, it is not true that the revealed works are more important than the unrevealed works.

Therefore, all the works should be faithful their duties, and they should also respect other workers who are given different duties.

You should understand that all of you are essential to the kingdom of God, and you should cooperate with each other.

By the way, people react differently when others are loved and recognized more, and when others enjoy what seems better than what they have.

Some people just envy others, and say, “That would really be good!”

Some others may say, “He is no better than I am, so why is he the only one who is praised and loved-” In this way they pass judgment and become jealous of others.

Still some others say, “He is loved so much, but am I- They lose heart.

They feel the situation is unfair and become sad.

You should know that the reason for all these reactions is because they have evil in their hearts.

But you might think, “Is just becoming envious an evil act-“

Envy out of jealousy belongs to evil.

Those who truly love God feel thankful for those workers who have the more important and greater duties.

How thankful they become because other workers do what they cannot do for the kingdom of God!

And thus, they rejoice together, and they try to help them in any way they can.

They also try to model themselves after such people, and take the opportunity to further develop themselves.

I hope that you will check yourself whether you truly rejoice with the truth in heart through the case of dinosaurs and the cherubim which stayed at Adam’s side.

Dear brothers and sisters.

Dinosaurs were not satisfied with their role. They greatly envied the cherubim.

Their envy grew too big and it came perilously close to disaster.

There was one being which kept an eye on such dinosaurs.

It was Satan.

The Garden of Eden adjoins the domain of Darkness.

The evil spirits in the domain of darkness always coveted the Garden of Eden, and looked for a chance to bring down Adam.

They were always on the watch for a chance to take root in the Garden of Eden.

From some moment on, Satan perceived that dinosaurs greatly envied the cherubim.

Satan never loses even the slightest opportunity, but grabs it.

Satan is like spark of electricity in the air, when it finds a target which may have a thought of untruth, it immediately tries to make contact.

For example, if there is a man who hates someone, Satan can incite the man through his thought.

Satan incites the man to keep on misunderstanding, judging, and condemning the one he hates.

If there is a man who is greedy for material gain, Satan puts unrighteous thoughts into him.

“You should not lose such a great opportunity to earn money. Others are taking advantage of it so, why shouldn’t you- You are foolish if you lose this chance.”

Satan will throw a man far off track of righteousness by moving his thoughts to satisfy a desire held in his heart.

Satan transmits her evil thoughts through the air, looking for a man who can accept the projected thoughts.

From among the 6.9 billion people of the world, Satan notices precisely the ones whose hearts are moved by untruth.

And then Satan injects into him Satan’s thought, the unrighteous and evil thought, of Satan.

If the man accepts it, soon the evil in his heart starts to work.

When water boils in a container, it may boil over. It might turn into steam and escape from the container.

The one who accepts the thought of Satan cannot suppress his ill feelings or lusts, as they ‘boil over’ they are expressed.

A facial expression and the manner of speaking may change.

He shows evil acts that go beyond normal behavior.

When evil is expressed in action like this, it is the indication that the work of the devil is being accepted.

Once a person starts to receive the work of the devil, even more evil actions may be displayed.

I hope that you can understand how Satan and the devil work, and that you will never open yourself up to slightest evil.

1 Peter 5:8 says, “Be of sober spirit, be on the alert Your adversary, the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

I urge you to pray fervently all the time to be spiritually awakened.

When you spot untruth and evil in your heart and thought, you should immediately turn back, get rid of it, and never provide a place for Satan to work.

Now then, the dinosaurs provided room so that Satan could work.

How could it be possible for Satan to incite an animal like a dinosaur-

Unlike human beings, animals don’t have the sense of reason to discern right and wrong; they act almost on instinct.

Therefore, animals are easier than men for Satan to incite.

When Satan tempted Eve, temptation was accomplished through a serpent.

The reason the serpent became an instrument of Satan was because the serpent had such sly attributes.

Genesis 3:1 says, “Now the serpent was more crafty than any beast of the field which the LORD God had made.”

Among the beasts of the field, the serpent was the craftiest one.

It had many attributes that could be moved by Satan.

Satan can control animals like this, but God can also control animals as necessary.

For example, there is an account in 1 Kings 17:4-7, that God ordered ravens to feed Elijah.

As Elijah obeyed the word of God and went to the brook Cherith, the ravens brought him bread and meat in the morning, and in the evening.

In addition, there is a record in Numbers 22:28-30 that God opened the mouth of a donkey to reveal the truth to Balaam.

God can control all the animals like these as He pleases.

On the other hand, Satan can incite only the animals that have evil attributes.

The reason is because such evil attributes as craftiness, envy, jealousy, and greed can become an access point for Satan.

Then, how did Satan incite dinosaurs-

I said earlier that Satan sensed the dinosaurs’ envy of cherubim becoming increasingly stronger.

Dinosaurs’ envy grew to reach a certain limit that it could deteriorate into evil such as jealousy.

Satan began to send the thought wave of untruth to dinosaurs.

Satan kept on sending the wave until dinosaurs accepted it.

To watch a TV channel, you have to install an antenna to receive the electronic signal.

In case of satellite signals, you may receive a better signal if you use a bigger satellite dish than when you use a smaller dish.

Likewise, when the envy of dinosaurs was small, the wave of untruth that Satan sent didn’t reach dinosaurs.

However, as their envy grew bigger, the wave of untruth that Satan sent finally was received by the dinosaurs.

Now, what kind of thought of untruth did Satan put into dinosaurs-

In the beginning, it was something like this; “You can ask Adam to make you like the cherubim. Then you can follow Adam to the earth, and stay beside Adam all the time.”

Of course, dinosaurs thought it was they that had this thought of Satan’s.

“I wish I could become like cherubim. Should I ask Adam to make me like one of them- If I become like a cherub, I can visit the earth, and stay beside Adam all the time.” Dinosaurs thought like this.

Satan constantly worked to make dinosaurs keep having this kind of thought.

Then, the dinosaurs’ desire to become like cherubim developed and turned into a clear goal.

“There is no reason I cannot become like them. There should be a way. What is it-“

Dinosaurs persistently thought of it like this.

Satan didn’t lose this chance, but tempted dinosaurs even more craftily.

It was to incite dinosaurs to ask Adam to permit them to eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Satan said, “If you eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, you will become like cherubim. So, go and ask Adam.”

This thought that Satan gave to dinosaurs was too sweet (for them to resist).

Then they completely believed that they could become like cherubim if they could just eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Now, dinosaurs couldn’t control such thoughts any longer and they put their thought into action.

They actually went to Adam to ask for it.

“Those cherubim are so loved, but we are not. Please explain why we cannot become like them. We are sure that the answer must be in the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, and so please let us eat from the tree.”

It was a question and demand which was completely absurd.

The fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was forbidden even to Adam by God.

And Dinosaurs knew about it.

But they were tempted by the word of Satan that said that they could become like cherubim if they could just eat its fruit, and they lost all sense of judgment.

Of course, Adam didn’t meet the demand of dinosaurs.

He didn’t just say “No” to dinosaurs.

He explained in great detail what the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil is, and how God warned about it.

He clearly told dinosaurs that not only dinosaurs but also Adam himself should not eat the fruit.

However, Adam’s word did not convince the dinosaurs at all.

They wouldn’t accept Adam’s detailed explanation.

They were completely captivated by the idea that they had to eat the fruit from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.

Then, an even darker cloud cast over dinosaurs.

They began to look for a chance to eat the fruit from the knowledge of good and evil.

Dinosaurs were so naive that they thought it was the only way to live more happily with Adam.

They couldn’t even imagine how huge and terrible the price was that they would have to pay for their work.

Once accepting the thought that Satan gave, dinosaurs didn’t reject it but kept on accepting it, and as a result, they ended up in a situation that became irreversible.

And the dinosaurs finally got themselves into huge trouble.

About this trouble, I will explain in the next lecture.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

In this lecture, I explained the progress of dinosaurs being tempted by Satan.

However, you should not consider it as mere ‘fabricated folklore’ which took place in the Garden of Eden.

You should rather understand why God the Father gave this detailed explanation about one incident that took place in the spiritual realm.

Dinosaurs lived in the Garden of Eden where there is no evil at all, but they eventually became the target of Satan.

What was the reason-

It was their envy toward the cherub which always escorted Adam in a close proximity.

It was not clear evilness in the beginning.

However, they didn’t convert it into goodness, but further developed it to eventually make it evil.

The attributes of the flesh, evil, and sin are all the same.

They seem neither evil nor sin at first, but if tolerated without your notice little by little, they grow too big to control.

Regarding this, 1 Corinthians 5:6 says, “Do you not know that a little leaven leavens the whole lump of dough-“

This is the very same reason why I have spoken from this altar so emphatically against the works of the flesh this year.

If you tolerate them, even a work which is too trivial to consider by the standard of this world, little by little you will fall into sin before you know it.

However, the children of God should be holy and perfect.

They should be blameless, and spotless.

And thus, God the Father told you even about the deficiencies of the body which has room to develop into sin.

It is because God truly loves you.

Proverbs 13:24 says, “He who withholds his rod hates his son, But he who loves him disciplines him diligently.”

Therefore, I hope that you can feel the love of God the Father even when I speak so very sternly against the works of the flesh.

I once received the word of reproof from God the Father for 7 weeks without any apparent fault I could discern.

But I still loved God the Father without change of mind and I gave prayers of thanks in tears.

This is true love.

If God the Father is teaching you something you cannot comprehend at the moment by yourself, how much more should you be thankful and be more filled with love-

May you understand the deep love of God the Father all the more and become a truly blameless and spotless child, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!


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