Genesis 1:1
[1] In the beginning God created heavens and the earth

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is the 4th Session on Genesis.
Previously, I explained the process of the Original (form of) God becoming God the Trinity.
The Original God existed in the whole Original Space in the form of The Light that contained The Sound.
Then, He (coalesced and) cohered as one Light at the vertex of the spiritual realm. Then the Light divided into 3 beings, and each one of them took on a spiritual form of which man’s form is in the image.
It is in this way that the Original God became God the Trinity consisting of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit.
God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are an individual being, however their spiritual forms are a little bit different from each other.
However, the Spirit that is contained in each spiritual form of each being remains that which was separated from the same Original One Spirit.
Therefore, all three of them share one heart and one thought. Their ability and wisdom are also the same.
And so, we call God “the Father”, God “the Son”, and God “the Holy Spirit” as “God the Trinity”, or the Triune God.
I will now explain about the “Division of Spirit” that God the Trinity performs.
When people are really busy, they say, “I wish I could have a copy (clone) of myself.”
Haven’t you ever thought that it would be good if you had a copy (a clone) of yourself?
If you could, you could get more work done that you used to do. How great it would be!
Moreover, you have to take care of so many things and you have to be in so many places at the same time that you become increasingly preoccupied with the idea.
Thanks to the well-developed communication technology, you may be able to take care of many things where you are without actually having to visit here and there.
However, it is definitely different from you visiting the location and taking care of the job personally.
In particular, chances are that there are some jobs that require you to be there in-person.
For example, your parents, who live far from you, desperately want to see you.
In this case, actually visiting your parents and calling them on the phone are completely different.
If possible, don’t you sometimes wish you could make a copy of yourself and visit them?
However, it is beyond the scope of man’s ability.
That’s why in case like this people usually say, “Even though I cannot be there physically, my heart is always there.”
Unlike man, however, God the Trinity can send their spiritual form wherever their hearts go.
Moreover, they can do it at the same time, anywhere, anytime, anyplace, and whenever they want.
It is possible because God the Trinity can infinitely divide their spirit infinitely into many.

This ‘Division of God the Trinity’s Spirit” is what I’m going to talk about in this lecture.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
The incident of the Light that cohered at the vertex of the spiritual realm dividing into three beings is called the “very first Division of Spirit.”
The concept of one light being divided into three is not the same as the idea of a lump being split into 3 pieces.
It is rather more like exact copies of the Light coming into existence from the original one light.
You should correctly understand this First Division of Spirit.
Let’s say, you have a document with a stamped seal, and you made a 2 copies of it.
Then, you now have 2 copies that are identical to the original one.
But, do the 2 copies have the same value that the original one has?
Even though the content is the same, their validities are different.
It is because there is only one document that is a sealed document.
Even though the 2 copies may have the mark of the seal, they do not have the original’s validity.
However, when God the Origin divided into God the Trinity, it was more like making 2 more identical clones of the original from the original one.
In other words, 2 more exact identical entities were made from the one original entity.
That’s why Philippians 2:6 says, “He (The Lord) existed in the form of God.”
It means that the entity of the Jesus the Lord as God the Son shares the same entity with the substance of the Original God.
As does the entity of God the Holy Spirit.
The occasion of the Original God dividing into God the Trinity has taken place once and for all time before eternity and after all eternity.

Dear brothers and sisters.
Dividing of the Spirit is like dividing of the heart.
The Original God divided His Heart, and put each divided heart in the form of God the Son and of God the Holy Spirit.
How can a heart that is divided from God the Origin appear as an independent entity?
Let’s take an example of a man who can express what he has in his heart outwardly.
When he has hatred in his heart, he can express it through words, gestures, or actions.
Despising or criticizing words, hardened face, aggressive actions are such means of expression.
On the contrary, if he loves someone, his heart can also be revealed through words, face looks, or actions.
He may confess his love in words, he may show bright smiles, or he may hold the other’s hand, or hug them tenderly.
Now, God can not only put what He has in His heart into actions, but He can also put it into a certain form.
He can create a certain physical thing out of what He harbors in His heart.
With this, God the Origin divided God the Son and God the Holy Spirit that have the perfect heart of God the Origin.
From this moment on, God the Origin became God the Father.
I explained that God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, who are like Sons of God, have the perfect heart of God the Father.
Not only their heart, but their ability and wisdom are also identical.
Therefore, the ability that God the Father has, that is, to divide the Spirit, is also equally given to God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.
God the Son and God the Holy Spirit can also infinitely divide their Spirit as much as they please.
However, this ‘division of spirit’ is more like a separate piece of that comes from the Original entity.
It is because the ‘Division of Spirit’, which is forming and identical copy of another original entity from the Original Entity which took place only once when God the Origin divided into God the Trinity.
However, the division of spirit here is separation out of an infinite number of divided entities of spirit that come from the original entity. This can be done by each in God the Trinity.
Also, this division of spirit can be performed only by God the Trinity.
Human beings have spirit, and the heavenly host and angels, and even evil spirits are spiritual beings.
A spiritual being refers to a being that has immortal attributes.
The spiritual beings that belong to God, the heavenly host and angels, shine brightly.
On the other hand, the evil spirits that belong to the darkness appear to be surrounded by dark black smoke.
It is in this way there are spiritual beings other than God the Trinity that exist, but they cannot perform the division of spirit.
It can be done only by God the Trinity.
It is because only God the Trinity has the ability to put what is in the heart into a certain form.
God the Father’s Division of Spirit: God and The LORD God (Jehova)
From now on, I’m going to give you detailed explanation on the division of spirit that is done by each of God the Trinity.
The division of spirit that I’ll explain is “to separate out a divided spirit that resembles the heart of the original entity.”
God the Trinity accomplishes the division of spirit and He sends the divided entity to where They themselves are not available.
Say, God the Trinity wants to be in a certain place or to supervise with a certain purpose.
Then, through the division of spirit, the heart of God becomes a divided entity, and goes to the place on behalf of the original entity.
In the days of the Old Testament God the Father Himself worked through the people of God.
For example, in Genesis 1:7, Genesis 26:2, Genesis 26:24 are found the scenes where ‘the LORD’ appeared before Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob and talked to each one of them.
These are the cases when a divided entity of God the Father, not the actual entity if the Triune God, came to the earth.
Of course, there was a time when the actual entity of the Father God came down to this earth.
For instance, Exodus 19:10-11 says, “The LORD also said to Moses, “Go to the people and consecrate them today and tomorrow, and let them wash their garments; and let them be ready for the third day, for on the third day the LORD will come down on Mount Sinai in the sight of all the people.”
And so the Israelites washed their garments for 2 days and sanctified themselves.
Early on the 3rd day, there was thunder and lightning flashing and a thick cloud covered the mountain.
And Exodus 19:18 says, “Now Mount Sinai was all in smoke because the LORD descended upon it in fire; and its smoke ascended like the smoke of a furnace, and the whole mountain quaked violently.”
When the original entity of the LORD God came down, special things like this took place.
The LORD God showed only His back to Moses, as written in Exodus 33:23.
The reason God didn’t show His face is that, as written in Exodus 33:20, “No man can see God and live.”
As the original entity of the LORD God came to the earth, even Moses couldn’t see His face.
However, Moses could see the form of God the Father.
Numbers 12:8 says, “With him I speak mouth to mouth, Even openly, and not in dark sayings, and he beholds the form of the LORD.”
Moses was more humble than any one on the face of the earth, and he was faithful in (God’s) whole house.
And thus, he could speak with the LORD God “mouth to mouth, even openly.” (Numbers 12:8)
By the way, among God the Trinity, when God the Father works, the terms, “the LORD,” or “the LORD God” was used.
Regardless of the original entity or a divided entity, it was the case when the subject of the work was God the Father.
“The LORD” or “the LORD Jehovah” is the name of God, and it means “I AM WHO I AM.”
If the Bible mentions “God” only, it means God the Trinity worked together.
Genesis 1:1 says, “In the beginning, God created heavens and the earth.”
And, it is written that all the works of Creation in Genesis Chapter 1 was done by “God.”
It is to indicate that the Creation was not done by God the Father alone, but by God the Trinity together.
Of course, it was God the Father who took the lead in Creation.
However, God the Son and the God the Holy Spirit also accomplished the works of Creation along with God the Father.
John 1:10 says, “the world was made through Him, who is Jesus Christ, God the Son who came to the earth.”
Since God the Son also has the power of creation, when He came to the earth as Jesus, He manifested many works of creation.
For example, without the power of creation, reviving Lazarus, who had been dead for 4 days, could not have taken place.
The work of the sick being healed at His word transcending space and time was also possible with the power of creation.
In addition, non-living things such as the wind and waves obeyed the word of Jesus, and it also proves that Jesus was the Creator.
Likewise, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit accomplished the works of Creation together with God the Father.

However, Genesis 2:4 says, “This is the account of the heavens and the earth when they were created, in the day that the LORD God made earth and heaven.”
Previously, the bible says clearly that God the Trinity worked together on the Creation.
Then, why does the Bible here say that the LORD God made earth and heaven?
It is just a difference in the point of view. Genesis Chapter 1 and 2 are not different.
Genesis Chapter 1 writes about the Creation as God the Trinity being the subject, but Chapter 2, as God the Father being the subject.
It also implies that, even though the Creation was managed by God the Trinity together, it was God the Father who took the leading role.
Say, three brothers established a company.
They agreed that they share the company equally, and that they discuss the running of the company together, but that the eldest take the role of the senior representative.
Now, if someone asks a question, “Who owns this company?” the answer may vary depending on the point of view of those giving the answers.
Some may say all three brothers own the company, but others may say the company belongs to the eldest brother.
Now, both the answers are correct.
Since 3 brothers founded and have run the company together, the company belongs to all of them. However, since the eldest brother is the senior representative, it can be said that it is his company as well.
By the same token, it is true that the works of Creation were done by God the Trinity together, and it is also true that God the Father managed all the Creation since He took the leading role.
If you read the Bible remembering this fact, you can understand many things.
You can also understand why the Bible uses the term, “God” here, but “the LORD God” there.
Besides, there are other terms in the Bible; they are “the Spirit of God,” and “the Spirit of the LORD.”
If such terms are used, then most of time, it is the case when God or the LORD God worked through a divided entity.
Then, why and when are these terms are used?
I will explain about this later in great detail.
Now, even when divided entities are working, their names are different according to their roles.
In addition to the ‘Spirit of the LORD”, there are more names for the divided entity of God the Father,
They are “the Spirit of glory” as in 1 Peter 4:14. “the spirit of wisdom” as in Exodus 28:3, “the spirit of judgment and the spirit of burning” as in Isaiah 4:4, and “the seven spirits of God” as in the Revelation.
I will also explain about the roles of each in great detail later.
So far, I’ve explained how God the Father works as in the form of a divided entity.

[God the Son’s Division of Spirit]
Dear brothers and sisters.
Not only God the Father, but God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are also able to perform the division of spirit that allows for separation of an infinite number of divided entities.
Now, let’s take a look how God the Son works through the divided entities.
God the Son also has His own original entity. Through the division of spirit, He also sends His divided entity where He wants to be.
Since God the Son came to this earth as Jesus and became Christ (the Messiah), we call God the Son, “the Lord.”
Therefore, if the bible uses the term, “the spirit of the Lord,” the spirit of Christ,” or “the spirit of Jesus,” it is good to say that these terms are used to refer to the divided entities of the Lord.
In addition, “the Spirit of holiness” as in Roman 1:4 is also a divided entity of the Lord.
According to a situation and a role at the given moment, the name of the divided entity becomes different.
All the divided entities of the Lord resemble the original entity of the Lord exactly.
However, those who have spiritual eyes can sometimes see the Lord hung on the cross, or the Lord wearing a crown of thorns.
The Lord accomplishes the division of spirit in order to give special grace and understanding according to the situation.
If He divides His Spirit while thinking in His heart of the moment when He was suffering on the cross, the divided entity appears with that look.
If you can remember this kind of division of spirit of the Lord, you can understand many things from the bible.
For example, in Matthew 18:20, Jesus says, “For where two or three have gathered together in My name, I am there in their midst.”
Even at this moment on the earth, there may be many places where people gather in the name of Jesus Christ.
It may be well over thousands or tens of thousands.
How can the Lord be in such many places?
Through the division of spirit, the divided entities of the Lord can be everywhere all at the same time.
The original entity of the Lord is in Heaven.
The time that the Lord’s original entity will come down to this earth is when the Millennium Kingdom begins after the 7 Year Wedding banquet is over.
When He comes down to this earth before this, it is the divided entity of the Lord.
Now, how will the Lord go to all the places where people gather in the name of the Lord and be with them?
Let’s say a couple of people gather in the name of the Lord, and give a worship service or praise together.
It will be reported to the Lord by angels.
As the Lord looks down at the praying people, He becomes delighted.
It is because they worship in spirit and truth, pray properly according to the will of the Lord, and sing praises to the Lord from the depths of their hearts.
Then, the Lord comes to have a thought in His heart, “I want to be with them.”
Then, such a heart of the Lord becomes a divided entity that is in the same form of the Lord, and goes to that place.
In this way, the Lord can be in the midst of where people gather in the name of the Lord.
It is done exactly according to the Bible.
Jesus didn’t say meaning for it to be a figure of speech.
An actual entity divided out from the Lord proceeds from Him.
Where the Lord puts His heart, the Lord can be with us in spirit no matter where it is.
The spirit of the Lord will be with people as appropriate, give answers to them as well as blessing.
He works for those who need to repent so that they can repent.
The Lord is searching over the earth from heaven even at this moment.
No matter where a person may be who desperately searches and earnestly seeks the Lord, the Lord sends His spirit there, to the person.
However, the Lord does not join in the presence with people just because they gather together and ask the Lord to be with them.
When those who truly love the Lord gather together with a (unified) and longing heart for the Lord and seek for the Lord, the Lord is with them in spirit.
Another example of the Lord’s division of spirit is found in Mark 16:20.
It says, “And they went out and preached everywhere, while the Lord worked with them, and confirmed the word by the signs that followed.”
After the resurrection of the Lord, the disciples that were remaining diligently preached the Gospel.
At this time, the Lord was with them, and confirmed the gospel is true by showing signs.
This moment, the Spirit of the Lord, which is the divided entity of the Lord, was with His disciples.
Even though it was a divided entity, as the spirit of the Lord was together, signs also followed like this.
When signs follow, definitively outstanding works also follow.
The lame come to walk, the blind come to see, and the deaf come to hear.
As the spirit of the Lord is together with them, such signs and wonders follow, and various works of God’s power are also manifested.

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