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    Genesis 2:8-9
    [8] The LORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed.
    [9] Out of the ground the LORD God caused to grow every tree that is pleasing to the sight and good for food; the tree of life also in the midst of the garden, and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil.

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

    This is 48th Lecture on Genesis.

    Let me give you a moment to imagine a beautiful scene.

    Try to imagine yourself in the middle of the scene and feel it now.

    You are sitting comfortably on an expanse of grassland, with beautiful flowers here and there.

    In this vast expanse of grassland, you can spot tress with leaves of refreshing colors.

    A warm light which is like the sunlight of a mild spring day gently surrounds you.

    And a light breeze blows gently rustling your soft hair.

    As you look into the sky, it is blue with bright-white clouds floating by.

    The clouds change their shapes and create fantastic forms of imagery.

    As your gaze drops downward, the clouds seem to be floating on the ground too.

    But with a closer look, you know that they are not the actual clouds, but their reflections on a big lake.

    The lake is so clean and clear that it is not clear where the sky ends and the lake begins.

    As the surface of the lake ripples, beautiful lights sparkle and dance.

    With this beautiful scene, you gently close your eyes.

    Then, the sweet aroma from flowers in the breeze tickles the tip of your nose.

    You also hear clear clean chirps of birds all around you.

    When a bird sings with pure whistles, the other birds follow it with beautiful harmony.

    There seems to be no worries or anxieties.

    Your heart is always at ease, and you soak in the light’s peaceful happiness.

    In addition, there are friends who understand you without saying a word, and there are never any misunderstandings communicated between people.

    You don’t feel lonely even when you are alone, and you don’t feel uncomfortable even when you are with many other people.

    This is the place where you find true peace.

    Dear brothers and sisters.

    Don’t you just feel more at ease just imagining this-

    I just described a part of the Garden of Eden in the second heaven.

    Genesis 2:8 says, “The LORD God planted a garden toward the east, in Eden; and there He placed the man whom He had formed.”

    Here, “the man” in this verse refers to the first man, Adam, mentioned in Genesis 2:7.

    Adam was created as a living being and God created the Garden of Eden in the second heaven for him.

    Now, the Bible says God created the garden toward the east.

    Does this mean that the Garden of Eden is located in the east of the 2nd heaven-

    What is in the opposite side of the east-

    There is a domain where Lucifer and the spirits of darkness dwell.

    Like this, the second heaven is divided into two big domains.

    Then, is this the domain of the darkness located in the west of the 2nd heaven-

    It is not so.

    Here, ‘the east’ doesn’t refer to a direction.

    Then, why didn’t God just say ‘on the east side’ or ‘on the right side,’ or ‘not on the left’ instead of saying ‘toward the east’-

    “The east” contains a spiritual meaning.

    “The east” refers to ‘an area surround by the light.’

    The sun comes up in the east on earth.

    Likewise, ‘the east’ is where the light begins and it is surrounded by the light.

    Therefore, the fact that the Garden of Eden was placed ‘toward the east’ means that it is located in the domain of light in the 2nd heaven.

    On the other hand, Lucifer and the evil spirits are in the domain of darkness.

    Since the Garden of Eden is ‘created in the area which is surrounded by the light,’ this verse said it was planted toward the east.

    Therefore, it means that God created the Garden of Eden in the area which is surrounded by the light in the second heaven.

    And this is why God the Fathers opens the space near the sun when He wants to show the Garden of Eden to you.

    There are quite a few of you who saw the Garden of Eden through the open space inside the sun or near the sun.

    However, it doesn’t mean, that the Garden of Eden is placed in that very place in the sun or around the sun.

    Moreover, God the Father can open any spiritual space in the sky so that you can see the Garden of Eden.

    And so, there is a reason that God shows the Garden of Eden through the sun.

    Just as the light comes from the sun, He shows that the Garden of Eden is in the domain which is surrounded by the light.

    In addition, if you know that the spiritual space opens near the sun, you don’t need to think in which direction you have to take a look when you want to see the Garden of Eden.

    All you have to do is just look in the sun or near the sun.

    God called the place where the first man Adam and his descendants would live ‘the Garden of Eden.’

    The planets of the solar system are named according to their characteristics.

    For example, the planet which the second closest to the sun is called ‘the morning star”.

    It is also called ‘Venus’ in English.

    Venus is the name of the Roman goddess of love and beauty.

    It was named because it is so beautiful when it is sparkling in the eastern sky at dawn.

    In the same way, people named each of the planets according to their characteristics.

    Then, what kind of meaning does ‘Eden’ have, which God used to designate the domain of light in the second heaven-

    The meaning of ‘Eden’ is ‘the peaceful place without death.’

    Since Eden is the world of light, there is no sin and thus there is no death.

    There is also no evil, and thus there is no arguing or disputing. There is only peace.

    Within Eden, a place was created for Adam and his descendants; it was the ‘Garden of Eden’.

    Even though it is called ‘the Garden,’ you should not be confused with a small garden or hill.

    At times, people call a small hill or a small place where there are flowers and trees a ‘garden.’

    However, there are also expressions such as ‘a garden of dreams’ and ‘a children’s garden.’

    In these expressions ‘garden’ symbolizes a place which is full of happiness and peace.

    So, it explains why God called the area which God created for Adam the ‘Garden of Eden’

    By the way, the size of the Garden of Eden is so huge that the Earth cannot begin to be compared to its size.

    The size is beyond our imagination. It is millions of times bigger than the Earth.

    The people of the Garden of Eden never die, and they keep multiplying in number.

    Then, just how many people have been born since the first man Adam-

    If the Garden of Eden were located in a place the size of the earth, its population would have already filled the surface of the earth.

    It is obvious then, that the Garden of Eden cannot be found anywhere on the Earth.

    Just remember it is so huge that you cannot even imagine its size.

    The environment of the Garden of Eden operates entirely by the power of God the Father.

    According to the law that God set, the earth operates by the gravity between the sun, the moon, and the stars.

    And due to this gravity, seasons change and signs appear on the Earth.

    Even though there are stars in the 2nd heaven, the stars in the Garden of Eden are not held by the gravity of the stars, but by the power of God.

    Let me tell you more about the environment in the Garden of Eden.

    There is no distinction between day and night in the Garden of Eden.

    It is always a day just like in the Heavenly Kingdom.

    And, there are no clear transitions from season to season.

    The temperature and humidity are always maintained most proper for a man to live.

    There is no sudden change in weather.

    However, the temperature may change just a little.

    Instead of a shift from day to night, through this change of temperature people discern whether it is time to be active or to take a rest.

    Genesis 3:8 mentions about “the cool of the day.”

    A dictionary defines ‘cool’ as a state when a temperature is low, but not very low.

    Therefore, when it is cool, the temperature drops down and you may need to wear a thin jacket.

    However, the coolness in the Garden of Eden is different from the coolness of the earth.

    Even though the temperature is lower than ‘in the day,’ it is a state when you can feel pleasant as soft breezes blows.

    The people in the Garden of Eden know that it is time to take a rest when it becomes cooler.

    On the earth, people know that it is time to go back home and take a rest when the sun sets and the night comes.

    Likewise, the people in the Garden of Eden recognize the time flow through the change of temperature.

    It is because it is always bright like the day in the Garden of Eden.

    Then, where do they take a rest-

    There are no houses for individuals or families in the Garden of Eden.

    However, there are beautiful tents in places, and they go in there to take a rest.

    They don’t wear clothing, but live naked.

    Since they have no evil at all, they are not ashamed.

    Even when they see other gender naked, they don’t commit adultery.

    On this earth, it is just as a child looks pretty and lovely even when he is playing and walking around without clothing.

    In Korea when a child’s first birthday is celebrated, many people take pictures of the baby without clothing.

    You don’t think it is something shameful or embarrassing; you rather regard it cute and lovely.

    By the same token, there is no problem even though they all live naked because there is no evil in the Garden of Eden.

    Everything is beautiful and natural.

    Then, why do we put on clothes in the Heavenly Kingdom where there is no evil-
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