Genesis 2:7
[7] Then the LORD God formed man of dust from the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living being.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is the 46th Lecture on Genesis.

In the last lecture, I explained the scene when God made the first man, Adam.

The basic material that God used to make man was not ‘never-changing’ gold or ‘strong’ iron, but it was ‘the ground.’

Why did God create man from the dust of the ground-

It is closely connected to the providence of human cultivation.

But, what is human cultivation-

As a farmer grows rice, he first sows the seed, and earnestly tends to it.

At the time of harvest, he gathers the grains into his barn, but he burns chaff since he doesn’t need it.

It is the same with human cultivation.

God created man, and made them to become ‘fruitful and multiply.’

After Adam committed sin he was driven out of Eden to the earth where he begot many descendants.

Adam knew about God the Creator, and he taught his children what he knew.

To help all the souls receive salvation, God sent His only begotten Son, Jesus, and also sent the Holy Spirit.

Just as farmers grow their grain with all their strength, God has also show His great love to all the souls.

He also plants the seed of life in all humans so that anyone can seek God in their deep hearts.

However, some seek for God and believe in God, while others stay afar from God and live in sin.

It is completely up to the free will of each individual which of the two paths a man might choose.

When they seek and meet God, their seeds of life awaken, and their spirits grow by the help of the Holy Spirit.

On the other hand, even though they possess the seed, those who do not seek or believe in God will not have the seed of life awakened.

These people are spiritually the ‘chaff’ and they will be thrown into the fire.

In other words, they will be thrown in to unquenchable fire of hell.

However, the story is completely different for the souls who receive the Holy Spirit and have their seeds of life awakened.

To the extent their spirit grows, they will enter their different dwelling places in heaven accordingly.

There is one important factor to help the spirit grow up.

Just as a seed of grain should be planted in a good field to bear abundant fruit, the heart-field where the seed of life is planted should also be good.

After Adam committed sin, God drove him out to this earth “to cultivate the ground from which he was taken” as written in Genesis 3:23.

“To cultivate the ground from which he was taken” spiritually means that man, who was made from the ground, should cultivate his heart.

To cultivate the heart-field is to cast away untruth and to pull out evil attributes from the heart.

To the extent a man cultivates his heart-field into a good field, his spirit can grow up well and bear good fruit.

By the way, depending on what is added to the ground, the character of the soil can change.

Even if the field is bad, as a farmer adds good soil, applies fertilizer, and diligently cultivates it, it becomes a good field.

It becomes a fertile field capable of bearing good and abundant fruit when seeds are planted.

Likewise, depending on what is input into the heart, the character of the heart-field can also be changed.

If you keep on adding good things, it will become the heart-field of a good heart, but if you keep on adding evil things, it will become evil.

According to how you treat it, it will become either a good heart or an evil heart.

Even though you were born with a heart which was mostly filled with goodness, if you keep on adding evil into it, it can become the heart-field of an evil heart.

On the other hand, even though you were born with a heart with relatively greater evil, if you continue to hear and see, and cause the input of good things, it can become a good heart-field.

As you can see, the original attributes of a man’s heart is similar to that of the ground.

The reason they are similar is because God made man from the dust of the ground.

Since God knew that human cultivation would be accomplished within the justice of this cultivation, He created man of the dust from the ground.

If God had created man from gold, the heart of man would not have changed from the heart that God originally created.

If a man doesn’t change his mind because he was created in such and such a way and not because he himself loves God, it doesn’t comply with justice.

It will provide for the enemy devil and Satan to have grounds to lodge complaints against the justice.

Moreover, it was not what God truly wanted.

God wants His children to realize the love of God by themselves, and to love Him and trust Him.

This is the true love and this is the truth.

There is another reason God created man from the dust of the ground.

After God created Adam, He said to Adam, “Subdue the earth.”

And I explained that it has the spiritual meaning that Adam should subdue his own heart.

In addition to this, “the ground” contains another spiritual meaning.

In the Bible, “the ground” sometimes refers to the world which belongs to the domain of darkness.

For example, Numbers 16:31-33 says, “As he finished speaking all these words, the ground that was under them split open; and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men who belonged to Korah with their possessions. So they and all that belonged to them went down alive to Sheol; and the earth closed over them, and they perished from the midst of the assembly.”

Here, “the ground was split open” also has a spiritual meaning.

Of course, the ground actually split open, and all the men who belonged to Korah with their possessions fell into it.

When it says, “they went down alive to Sheol,” it doesn’t mean that Sheol was actually located under the ground and that they fell into it.

It rather means that a door of the spiritual realm to Sheol under the ground opened and they fell into it.

God made the people who watched this scene realize that Korah and all the men who belonged to Korah were destroyed and fell into hell.

Only when those with fleshly knowledge saw the ground actually split open and the people fall into it were they able to realize that those people would not receive salvation, but fell into hell.

Likewise, the ground and the ground beneath may symbolize Hell which is controlled by the forces of the darkness.

Therefore, “Subdue the earth” also means that Adam should subdue all the fleshly things that belong the earth as well as the enemy devil and Satan.

God hoped that Adam who was created of the dust from the ground would subdue and rule over everything of the earth as well as the forces of the darkness.

There are very deep spiritual meanings in God’s creating man from the dust of the ground.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

When God created Adam of the dust from the ground, and breathed the breath of life in to his nostrils, he became a ‘living being.’

What is exactly the ‘living being,’ why is he not just a ‘spirit’-

Even when a man of the first heaven has spiritual eyes open and sees angels, he cannot touch the angels with his hands.

It is because angels don’t have flesh such skin and bones, but they are spiritual beings.

However, Adam was a ‘living being’ with skin and bones which were made of the dust from the ground.

The essential material that constituted Adam’s body belonged to the flesh.

Thanks to the action of the breath of life which filled his entire body, however, no fleshly attributes appeared.

His body neither changed nor become aged, but it maintained the best condition.

The body of a living being’ belongs to the spirit, and it has different attributes from the body we put on now.

Now, do you think his body had an excretory system in when he was created from the ground-

Even though they eat food, the people in the Garden of Eden, who are all living beings, have nothing to excrete.

The food decomposes inside the body and it is completely absorbed to become the source of energy.

Moreover, the plants in the Garden of Eden are not poisonous at all.

Therefore, during the process of consumption and digestion, they don’t produce gas or harmful substances.

Since the people in the Garden of Eden have nothing to purge from their bodies, they have no need of an excretory system, and no need for restrooms.

When God created Adam, however, He made the excretory system as part of his body.

The system was not suddenly made when Adam was driven out to the earth after he committed sin.

God the Father foreknew that Adam would be cultivated on earth, and created it from the beginning.

Since this body of the living being belongs to the spirit, it is similar to the resurrected body. But there are also differences.

Simply speaking, the ‘resurrected body’ is the body which the resurrected Lord put on.

As the Lord comes into the air, all the souls who believe in the Lord will put on this resurrected body, a holy body.

The resurrected Lord Himself showed what this ‘resurrected body’ is like.

In Luke 24:39, the Lord said, “See My hands and My feet, that it is I Myself; touch Me and see, for a spirit does not have flesh and bones as you see that I have.”

The body of the Lord in His ‘resurrected body’ could be touched by the hands of His disciples.

He also ate fleshly food.

He broke bread with His disciples, and He also ate broiled fish.

As you can see, the ‘resurrected body’ seems similar to the body of a living being, but they are also quite different.

As written in John 20:19, the Lord appeared where His disciples were when the doors were shut.

You can see that the ‘resurrected body’ can transcend the dimensions of the flesh such as walls and doors.

Also in Luke 24:31, there is a record that the Lord ‘vanished from their sight’ while He was talking to His two disciples in Emmaus.

The ‘resurrected body’ can freely move from space to space.

In addition, the disciples of the Lord didn’t recognize the Lord in His resurrected body at their first glance.

If the Lord had looked exactly the same as He had previously, would His disciples, who followed the Lord for 3 years, not have recognized Him-

Therefore, you can find that the appearance of the Lord in His resurrected body was much different from His physical appearance of the past.

Even though He ate fleshly food, the resurrected Lord didn’t need to digest and excrete it, either.

Once in the resurrected body, as you eat food, it decomposes and disappears as you breathe out.

The Lord, in His resurrected body, could enter into the spiritual realm as He was.

As written in John 20:17, the resurrected Lord said to Mary Magdalene, “I ascend to My Father,” when He saw her.

The Lord ascended to God in Heaven after He resurrected at dawn, and then He appeared to His disciples in the evening of the same day.

Likewise, in the resurrected body, you can travel from the 1st heaven to the 3rd heaven, and vice versa.

In other words, you can freely travel between the fleshly world and the spiritual realm.

Unlike this, even though the ‘living being,’ in which Adam was, is also a body which belongs to the spirit, it is different from the ‘resurrected body.’

In the body of a ‘living being’ you cannot fly in the air, and you cannot freely travel between the spiritual realm and the fleshly world, either.

The second heaven to which the Garden of Eden belongs is in the spiritual realm, but this earth is the fleshly world.

In the form of a ‘living being,’ you cannot freely travel between these two worlds.

However, the Lord in His ‘resurrected body’ was not under space and time constraints at all.

This is the difference between the holy ‘resurrected body’ and the body of a ‘living being.’

When I explained ‘the heavens’ before, I told you that there is a time difference between the 2nd and the 1st heavens.

I also told you that there is a special space that acts as a ‘buffer zone’ between the 1st heaven, which is a fleshly world, and the spiritual realm.

In the special space, the time flow stops, and there is no movement at all.

Spiritual beings such as angels can instantly travel between the fleshly world and the spiritual realm through this space.

However, the body of a living being cannot pass directly through this space where the time flow stops.

Now, I told you that, when God told Adam to subdue the earth and rule over it, the earth includes this earth as well as the Garden of Eden.

It means God gave Adam the authority to rule over everything on earth.

Therefore, to rule over all things of the earth, Adam needed to freely travel to the earth.

Adam, who was a living being’ couldn’t travel between the Garden of Eden and the earth in his physical body, but he could by plane-like transportations.

You can go to any country of the world by plane, can’t you-

But the space an airplane flies is not quite an environment where a man can live.

The temperature is too low, and there is not much air.

What about the inside the airplane, though-

The temperature, the thickness of air, and humidity is properly adjusted for man.

Therefore, you can fly to any other place in the world in a short time by plane.

Likewise, there was a means of transportation in the Garden of Eden by which Adam could freely travel to this earth.

This transportation is the everyday-transportation in the Garden of Eden just like a wagon that people of the past generations used.

It is like a car of today.

However, this transportation doesn’t run over the ground like cars or trains, but it is a flying vehicle like airplanes.

According to their function, there are many different kinds, and they also vary in colors and sizes.

Some are like airliners whose purpose is to transport people between places. There are also unmanned-aerial vehicles. .

If you use this flying vehicle, you can pass through the space where the time flow stops.

By this flying vehicle, Adam frequently traveled to the earth.

The descendants of Adam, whom he gave birth to in the Garden of Eden, also used this flying vehicle to come down to the earth.

When Adam and his descendants who lived in the Garden of Eden came down to the earth by this flying vehicle, their body shape or structure didn’t change.

It was maintained the way it was as they lived in the Garden of Eden.

It was also true vice versa.

If a man of the earth goes to the Garden of Eden, he will keep the original look as he is.

It is because the Garden of Eden is not completely a spiritual realm, but it is the space where both the flesh and the spirit can co-exist.

Therefore, the man of the Garden of the Eden can come and live onto the earth, and the man of the earth can also go to the Garden of Eden and stay there for awhile.

However, it is difficult for a man of the earth to go to the Garden of Eden.

And it is also true that the people of the Garden of Eden don’t want to stay on the earth for long.

The Garden of Eden is not polluted at all, and thus it is very clean and beautiful.

On the other hand, many things have been changed and become polluted on earth since it was originally created.

Therefore, even if the people of the Garden of Eden come down to the earth, they cannot stay very long in the polluted environment of the earth.

They can make a visit to the earth, but they don’t want to stay long.

However, before Adam committed sin, the environment of the earth was not much different from that of the Garden of Eden.

This was why Adam frequently came to the earth while he lived in the Garden of Eden.

The flying vehicle that Adam and his descendants used is the UFO of today.

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object.

Their existence is known and trained flight personnel have observed them. Still their identity cannot be confirmed by various methods such as radar, infrared and laser systems.

UFOs are observed so many times throughout the world that their existence cannot be denied.

The world news media reported on the 22nd of March, 2007, that the government of France opened 100,000 pages worth of UFO files to the public on the Internet.

It was also reported on the next day, March 23, 2007, by KBS as well.

There was also a secret research organization under the Britain’s Ministry of Defense, which was established in 1950.

In January 1, 2006, the classified documents, managed by this organization, were opened to the world according to Public Information Act.

This British UFO research organization investigated more than 12,000 incidents until the organization was disbanded.

However, the reason the UK disbanded this organization is very interesting.

One of the reasons was that among the UFO sightings reports only 5% were the possible observation of the true UFO’s.

Another important reason was that they didn’t find any evidence that UFO’s pose any actual threat to the UK.

To make it short, even though many UFOs appeared in the UK for the last 60 years, they have never been harmful.

If they had known the true identity of UFO, they wouldn’t have worried or been afraid of it.

The people of the world believe that aliens are riding in the UFO, and that they can attack the earth.

And, when people talk about the existence of extraterrestrials, the Christian community thinks it is against the Bible, and regards it as heresy.

However, those on the UFO are not weird looking aliens, and they are not a threat to the earth.

They are the people of the Garden of Eden. They have highly developed knowledge and wisdom, but they have no evil.

As the end time of the world rounds the corner, God allows the people observe UFO’s more frequently.

He wants them to realize the existence of the spiritual realm even by watching them.

For instance, last July 7, a UFO appeared over the Xiaoshan airport of Hangzhou in China, and the airport had to be urgently closed down.

As the UFO was moving at a high speed, an airplane was taking off, and the airplane was moving very slow compared to the speed of the UFO.

Members of this church have also sighted UFO many times, and submitted the recorded materials to the Korea UFO Research Society for study.

At the end of the study, they sent this church a report that the objects in the recorded material have very high probability of being actual UFO.

It means that the UFO which this church has filmed was approved by the professional UFO research society.

And a member of this research society listed the recordings of this church in his book, “Amazing recordings of UFO!”

Among the UFOs this church filmed, there is a UFO called a ‘rod.’

A rod of 30 centimeters was featured in a TV show once in the past, but the rod in our recording was longer than a couple of tens of meters.

This rod UFO is for reconnaissance, and it is unmanned.

It is like an unmanned space aircraft, and it is equipped with many exploration devices.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

In this lecture, I explained the reason why God created man of the dust from the ground.

And, I compared the body of the ‘living being’ to the body of a fleshly man on earth and to the ‘resurrected body.’

I also revealed the identity of UFO.

In the upcoming Genesis Chapter 2 Lectures, dinosaurs and pyramids, which the worldly people are also curious about, will be clearly explained.

Revelation 1:8 says, “I am the Alpha and the Omega,” says the Lord God, “who is and who was and who is to come, the Almighty.”

As said, our God the Father is the ruler of human civilization, His existence is eternal, and He is almighty.

To those who believe in such God, there is nothing impossible.

May you also reveal the glory of God by faith in every field of your life, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!


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