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    Genesis 1:1
    [1] In the beginning God created heavens and the earth

    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

    This is the 17th Lecture on Genesis.
    In the last lecture, I explained about the 4 living creatures based on Ezekiel Chapter 1.
    I said each one of them has 4 faces and 4 wings; and all of them respond and obey only the original voice of God.
    There is another special thing about them; they are full of eyes all over them.
    Ezekiel 10:12 says, “Their whole body, their backs, their hands, their wings and the wheels were full of eyes all around, the wheels belonging to all four of them.”
    Revelation 4:6 and Revelation 4:8 also record that the 4 living creatures are full of eyes in front and behind, and around and within their wings.
    The reason why the 4 living creatures have so many eyes is related to doing their duties.
    Since the 4 living creatures escort God in the closest proximity to Him, they must vigilantly keep a close watch everywhere and miss nothing.
    They also search this earth at the given order of God.
    Of course God the Father observes the people on the earth through the 7 spirits.

    However, the 4 living creatures watch not only the earth but also the entire universe.
    With the eyes that cover their bodies they take in absolutely everything.
    Not a single thing can escape their range of vision.
    The 4 living creatures fully grasp even the slightest movement of the evil spirits.
    In time of emergency, they command the cherubim under their supervision.
    Thanks to the eyes that are all over their bodies, they can perfectly manage their given duties of escorting and guarding as cherubim.
    By the way, the field that each 4 living creatures observe is different.
    The man-like living creature examines the extent that each individual resembles the image of God the Father.
    To be more specific, it inspects the words that come out of the mouth of the individual.
    It is because Matthew 15:18 says, “But the things that proceed out of the mouth come from the heart.”
    It observes what kind of sin people commit with their lips, and it also searches their behavior.
    Observing the words and behavior of people, it measures how much they resemble the image of God.
    Next, the lion-like creature examines how strong and courageous an each individual is.
    It observes the children of God to see how firmly they keep their faith in a difficult situation, and how courageously they run their race of faith in the name of the Lord.
    For example, when they are threatened with death or persecuted for their faith in God, the lion-like living creature checks whether or not they surrender.
    In a fleshly sense, there are the difficult situations when it seems that people just cannot overcome, just as when David went out to fight against Goliath.

    The lion-creature precisely examines even in this case whether they move on with the courage of their faith or if they retreat.
    It searches not only the outward appearance but also the inner heart precisely.
    Next, the eagle-like living creature examines how indelibly an each individual engraves the word of God in the depths of their hearts and how well they accomplish it.
    An eagle has excellent eyesight so that it can capture even a very small object at a far distance.
    Likewise, this eagle-creature searches the heart of an individual without the slightest error.
    They examine not only the outward appearance but also the inner heart.
    The best way to engrave the word of God on your heart is to pray hanging on to the word.
    For example, do you remember the word that God gave you for the devotional service of the mission you belong to?
    IN most cases, God gave you a couple of detailed items according to the title of the word.
    If you have prayed hanging onto the word to accomplish each and all of them, you should be able to remember each and every item.
    It proves that you have engraved the word onto your heart to accomplish the will of God.
    Moreover, if you remember the word of God and pray all the time like this, how can you not accomplish the word perfectly?
    You can surely do it.
    Lastly, the bull-like living creature examines the field of faithfulness.
    It observes whether they are always faithful for the kingdom of God whether what they do is seen or not.
    It also inspects how well they do their best to do their duty.
    For example, there are servants of God or workers who diligently visit members and preach the gospel with fervent hearts.
    On the other hand, there are some who have to force themselves to manage their duty because they feel obligated do it.
    In addition, there are some people who are found in a place where they should be even though they are not told to attend, such as a service or a meeting.
    On the other hand, there are people who begrudgingly attend because their attendance is checked or reported.
    It is the same with prayer.
    Making a habit of prayer is not something that others can do for you.
    You should discipline your body, bring it into subjection, and make a ceaseless effort in your love of God the Father.
    Only when you pray, can you receive grace and strength from heaven and circumcise your heart.
    There is a person who continually endures to pray without changing by believing in the word of God even though the result of the circumcision of his heart is not noticeable to him.
    Such a person is the one who has the spiritual faithfulness that God the Father truly wants.
    However, there are all kinds of varieties of the heart and attitude of the members who attend the Daniel Prayer Meeting.
    There are members who come to the meeting before it starts and offer prayer completely and they remain seated until the end.
    There are even members who keep their seats regularly and pray without changing even for years.
    On the other hand, there are members who come late for prayer, leave early, and are constantly going in and out.
    There are even members who miss the meeting with the excuse that they are busy or tired.

    There is such a great difference in the outward appearance of their actions and attitudes that can be seen, not to mention the heart of their prayer that is seen only by God.
    The way you gird yourself to constantly cultivate the field of your heart is the most important way to show your faithfulness before God.
    The level of each individual’s faithfulness is different.
    And the bull-creature precisely examines each individual’s level of faithfulness.
    Therefore, even though people don’t recognize your faithfulness and devotion, God does and He does it precisely.
    Through the 4 Living Creatures, the Seven Spirits, and countless angels, God receives detailed reports about everything.
    And God repays you with the rewards in Heaven according to what you have done, and He also lets you receive blessing on earth.
    Dear brothers and sisters.
    The fields that the 4 living creatures examine are different; but they are all summarized into this;
    That is, “How much is your heart changed in to the spirit and goodness?”
    It also means the 4 Living Creatures measure the level of evil in your heart.
    Who speaks evil things, and who slanders the kingdom of God; the 4 living creatures don’t miss anything.
    The man-creature observes the words of discontent, complaint, judgment and condemnation from the lips of people.
    The lion-creature watch how cunningly and cowardly people behave in the face of a certain threat.
    When a man seems to be faithful outwardly, the bull-creature easily recognizes whether it is true faithfulness or only demonstrated faithfulness to be noticed by others.

    Those who don’t engrave the word of God onto their hearts but live a life of a hypocrite are easily perceived by the eagle-creature.
    This is how the eyes that are fully covering the bodies of the 4 living creatures manage their job of observing.
    Dear brothers and sisters.
    Besides the duty of observing, the 4 living creatures have unique roles to play.
    And according to their roles, they have great authority.
    What is the role of the man-like Living Creature that has the face of a man?
    The man-creature has the authority to command and move cherubim.
    The number of the cherubim in the spiritual realm is so huge that it is beyond description.
    And the 4 living creatures are the leaders of these countless cherubim.
    The 4 living creatures command these cherubim to manage every facet of the job of escorting and guarding.
    Among the 4 living creatures, the man-creature gives the order to the cherubim.
    In the previous lecture, I said that it is cherub that guards the way to the tree of life in the Garden of Eden didn’t I?
    It is at the order of the man-like Living Creature that the cherubim respond to, obey and move.
    Next, the lion-like creature has the authority to control disasters and plagues.
    Even in this world, a lion is the so-called ‘king-of-the-beasts’ once it roars, other animals feel scared.
    Likewise, when the lion-creature opens its mouth, a terrible disaster comes onto this earth.
    And the sound is like thunder.
    Therefore, the lion-creature doesn’t open its mouth just any time.
    The lion-creature was in charge of some of the disasters and plagues which are recorded in the Bible,
    For example, the plague of fire in Sodom and Gomorrah was brought upon them as the lion-creature opened its mouth.
    Genesis 19:24 says, “Then the LORD rained on Sodom and Gomorrah brimstone and fire from the LORD out of heaven.”
    The rain of brimstone and fire was brought upon them by the authority of the lion-creature.
    There is a scene in Numbers Chapter 16 that Korah and others received judgment.
    Numbers 16:32-33 says, “and the earth opened its mouth and swallowed them up, and their households, and all the men who belonged to Korah with their possessions. So they and all that belonged to them went down alive to Sheol; and the earth closed over them, and they perished from the midst of the assembly.”
    The earth’s opening its mouth is the occurrence of an earthquake. This one was accomplished by the work of the lion-like Living Creature.
    The lion-creature also supervises the plagues of diseases.
    1 Chronicles 21:14 says, “So the LORD sent a pestilence on Israel; 70,000 men of Israel fell.”
    When a disease breaks out in a certain place that is the driving force resulting in the deaths of many people, it is also the work of the lion-creature.
    In the Book of Revelation by John, you can see the 4 living creatures are directly connected with the disasters that are brought upon this earth during the 7 Year Great Tribulation.
    Revelation 6:1 says, “Then I (Apostle John) saw when the Lamb broke one of the seven seals, and I heard one of the four living creatures saying as with a voice of thunder.”
    As each seal is broken, a tribulation of judgment comes upon this earth.

    Revelation 15:7 says, “Then one of the four living creatures gave to the seven angels seven golden bowls full of the wrath of God, who lives forever and ever.”
    As these golden bowls are poured upon this earth one by one, terrible plagues of judgment are brought upon.
    Therefore, you can see that “one of the four living creatures” is the lion-creature.
    Likewise, the lion-creature has the authority to manage the disasters and plagues.
    Among the 4 living creatures, the eagle-creature has the authority to open and close the gates of Heaven.
    The gates of Heaven are the gates to enter the second Heaven from the first Heaven, where we are currently living.
    In many places of the first heaven, there are many gates connected to the second heaven.
    And it is the eagle-creature that has the authority to open and close these gates.
    The gates of spiritual world are opened through the movement of its wings.
    However, the other creatures don’t just look at the eagle-creature spread its wings.
    They also spread their wings together.
    Even though the authority to open and close the gates belongs to the eagle-creature, all the 4 living creatures move together.
    The fact is that, even though the 4 living creatures have their own unique duties and roles, they work as if they were one.
    Figuratively speaking, the parts of our body have their own jobs.
    Eyes are to see, the mouth is to eat and speak, the nose is to smell, and ears are to hear; these are their main jobs.
    In addition, feet are to walk and hands are to pick up things; each part has their own role.
    However, when you want to drink water, not only just one part is at work.
    Other parts should also work together.
    First, eyes should find where the water is.
    Feet walk toward the place where the water is, hands pour water into a glass and bring the glass toward mouth, and mouth drinks the water.
    I this way each part has its own unique role, but they all work together to accomplish the task.
    The 4 living creatures have different roles, but they also work together.
    Now, in what case does the gate to second Heaven open?
    One biblical example is when the gate of second Heaven opened during the Flood of Noah.
    At this time, the fountains of the great deep in Eden burst open, and its water poured on into the earth; it was this time the gates of the second heaven were opened.
    Also, as the flood ended and the water decreased, the water that covered the earth went back to Eden through the gates of second heaven.
    In this case, it was the eagle-creature that opened and closed the gates of heaven.
    God the Father showed to Manmin members the clouds coming in from and out of the second heaven many times.
    It was also the eagle-creature that opened the gates of second heaven.
    Lastly, the bull-like creature has the authority to control the changes of weather in the first heaven.
    Gathering clouds, making rain, stopping rain, developing or dissipating a typhoon, and causing lightning and thunder; these are all under the authority of this creature.
    Originally, the weather and climate was to operate according to the law of nature that God created.
    However, as the mankind developed the civilizations, they severely polluted the environment and broke the laws of nature.
    As its result, abnormal climatic changes are found in many parts of the world; many natural disasters such as drought, flood, and windstorm frequently take place.
    It will be more serious as the end time draws nearer and nearer.
    However, such disasters can be stopped anytime once the bull-like living creature works.
    And the bull-like creature works only when it is in agreement and in accordance with the proper justice.
    For example, if a righteous man who is after the heart of God prays for the change of weather with good purpose, God will give an order to the bull-creature.
    He doesn’t change the weather just any time; all conditions should meet according to the justice.
    For the last 27 years, it has never rained on the anniversary Sunday of this church.
    On the anniversary Sunday, not only the church members but also many other guests visit this church, and there are many outdoor activities.
    Therefore, whenever it is close to the anniversary Sunday, we pray for the good weather to prevail.
    However, in 2007 the weather forecaster said that it would rain on the anniversary Sunday.
    October 7 was the anniversary Sunday in 2007. From Friday, October 5, the weather forecaster said it would rain all over the country.
    The weather forecaster said on October 6, it would rain 50 to 60 millimeters over the entire country.
    As you can see on the screen, there is a typhoon near Taiwan. (radar picture taken on October 6)
    It is No. 15 ‘Krosa’. Even though it was only a mid-sized typhoon, at 21:00 on Friday, it became a super typhoon.
    Its expected course was projected to move toward the north-northeast of Taiwan.
    It simply means it would be closer to this country (Korea).
    That’s why the weather forecaster said it would rain a lot on Sunday.
    But how was the weather on October 7, 2007?
    It didn’t rain. It was rather a very sunny day without a hint of cloud in the sky!
    What happened?
    The picture taken on October 7 shows that there are no clouds in the skies of this country.
    Especially the sky over the city of Seoul, there are no clouds in the middle, but some clouds around its center.
    This is the work of the bull-creature.
    The typhoon became a mid-sized tropical storm at 10 o’clock in the morning of the anniversary Sunday.
    If the bull-creature had not worked, it would have rained on the anniversary Sunday according to the weather forecaster.
    However, God the Father listened to the prayer of perfect faith, gave the order to the 4 living creatures, and made the rain not come.
    There are more of testimonies related to this change of weather and climate.
    There was a case clouds appeared from all 4 directions and cast shadow over the area where we had outdoor activity on a hot summer day.
    During the Philippines Crusade in 2001, two typhoons were approaching, but one disappeared and the other changed its direction.
    And we were able to successfully conduct the crusade as planned.

    Likewise, among the 4 living creatures the authority to supervise the weather and climate belongs to the bull-like creature.
    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.
    So far, I’ve given six lectures to explain spiritual beings that God created those being the angels and cherubim.
    Besides these angels and cherubim, however, there are evil spirits as well in the spiritual realm.
    You should know about the evil spirits because they play such an important role in human cultivation.
    By the way, was it God who created these evil spirits?
    If God didn’t create them, then how would they have come to exist?
    We will get to this in the next lecture.

    Dear brothers and sisters.
    Have you even seen a puppet show?
    It seems that a puppet talks and moves of itself, but the fact is that it doesn’t.
    Its arms and legs are attached to strings, and man is controlling its movements by pulling the strings.
    Just as the puppet is connected by strings to the one who is controlling it, this world is connected to the spiritual realm.
    Therefore, it’s very important to understand the spiritual realm.
    You can acquire spiritual power and authority to the extent you understand the spiritual realm.
    Therefore, I’m urging you to make this Genesis Lecture completely yours all the time.
    May you become the children of God with spiritual power and authority, in the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ, I pray!

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