Genesis 7:13~16
[13] On the very same day Noah and Shem and Ham and Japheth, the sons of Noah, and Noah’s wife and the three wives of his sons with them, entered the ark,
[14] they and every beast after its kind, and all the cattle after their kind, and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth after its kind, and every bird after its kind, all sorts of birds.
[15] So they went into the ark to Noah, by twos of all flesh in which was the breath of life.
[16] Those that entered, male and female of all flesh, entered as God had commanded him; and the LORD closed it behind him.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

This is 112th Lecture on Genesis.As you can see, Genesis Chapter 7 explains that the specific number of 8 people (Noah, Noah’s wife, Noah’s three sons, and their wives) entered the ark. And then, every beast after its kind, and all the cattle after their kind, and every creeping thing that creeps on the earth after its kind, and every bird after its kind, all sorts of birds, entered Noah’s ark. Of course, only the number that God set for each species was drawn by the original voice to enter the ark.

All other animals that didn’t enter the ark couldn’t escape the death by the judgment of the flood.Yet, there was an exception. They were the aquatic animals. The aquatic animals including fish could survive the judgment of the flood even though they didn’t enter the ark.

“It is obvious. They were supposed to live in the water. It’s natural that they survived the flood.” You may think it wasn’t a big deal.The fact that the aquatic animals didn’t face extinct during the flood that covered the entire earth, however, was a ‘MIRACLE.’Why is that?Let me tell you why by taking fish as an illustration.

Basically, there are two kinds of fish.They are saltwater fish that live in the saline water (that comprises the oceans), and there are freshwater fish that live in fresh water such as rivers and lakes.Except a very few, saltwater fish cannot live in fresh water, and vice versa. If saltwater fish come into fresh water, or freshwater fish, into saltwater, they will soon die. It is because phenomenon of osmosis takes place due to salinity difference between freshwater and saltwater.

Osmosis is the spontaneous net movement of solvent molecules in the direction that tends to equalize the solute concentrations on the two sides of a membrane (from lesser solute concentration to greater).Simply speaking, if salinity inside a cell is lower than salinity on the outside, then fluid from the inside of the cells moves outside.If salinity inside the cells is higher than outside, then fluid from the outside moves inside.

For example, if you put your hands in pure water for a long time, your hands become swollen.It is the result of osmosis.This phenomenon takes place as water is absorbed through your skin because the salinity of the water is lower than that of your body fluid.

Now, the fresh water fish’s system to control this osmosis is completely different from that of the saltwater fish’s system. Let me briefly explain it to you though it may be a little bit hard to understand.However, if you understand it though, you will surely realize that it was a rather amazing fact that no fish became extinct during the flood of Noah.

For fresh water fish, their body fluid has higher salinity than that of the fresh water they live in.Consequently, a phenomenon should take place that your body should become swollen after immersion for quite a while in water (like in a bathtub).However, it doesn’t happen to fresh water fish. They just live well without their bodies becoming all swollen up. It is due to their special system to control osmosis. They constantly discharge the absorbed water through urination, but they actively reclaim salts from body fluid.Through this, they can maintain the constant level of salinity inside their body.

On the contrary, saltwater fish live in salt water such as oceans whose salinity is much higher than that of their body fluid. Without proper system to control osmosis, saltwater fish would lose their body fluid and die as if they were preserved in salt. However, they live well in the oceans. The reason is that they take in a lot of salt water while urinating only a little. And thus they are not drained of their water. Meanwhile, they discharge excess salt intakes through special cells of their gills. As a result, they can maintain a constant level of salinity in their body fluid.

God the Father already gave freshwater fish and saltwater fish an ability to survive by adapting themselves to their living environment. As you may understand this, would it be possible to make both freshwater fish and saltwater fish live together in a common environment?It would be impossible with the common sense of the world.

However, this impossible thing happened during the flood of Noah.The flood of Noah took place all over the globe. Even the highest mountains of the earth were under the water. The distinction between freshwater and saltwater became meaningless. And freshwater fish and saltwater fish had to live under the same aquatic conditions of their environment. They didn’t live like that for just a couple of days, but for about 300 days minimum until the ground was dried up.But not a single aquatic animal species became extinct, but all of them were kept.

How could it be possible?Although it seems impossible with common sense of the world, there was a reason that made it possible. That is, the water that covered the entire earth was neither freshwater nor saltwater of this earth, but it was of the second heaven. And that water contains the power of God.

This church owns the evidence to actually prove this fact. It is the “Sweet Water Aquarium.” The “Sweet Water” is the drinkable water from which salty sea water was turned into freshwater by my prayer, and God put His power into this water.When people drink this water or apply it to their body by faith, various kinds of diseases are healed; some came to have better eyesight, and others came to have double eyelids.

In October 2007, FDA of the US reported the test results of the quality of Sweet Water. It was examined in 5 fields under the classification concept as a functional mineral beverage that included testing for mineral composition, acute oral toxicity, primary skin irritation, and pesticide content. The test results verified its safety and superiority. It was also verified to have even more mineral content than the world-renowned wells of France and Germany.

Another amazing fact about this Sweet Water is that freshwater fish and saltwater fish can live together in this Sweet Water.It is the evidence of the amazing power of God.It is just the same as the water that came down from the second heaven during the flood of Noah that had the power of God so that all the aquatic animals could survive.

In fact, the Sweet Water Aquarium is actually a much greater work of God than the flood of Noah.It is a miracle, of course, that freshwater fish and saltwater fish can live in the same water, but it is much more impossible for them to adapt themselves to live in such a small area and live together.

Since freshwater fish live in the waters such as rivers and lakes, they tend to adapt themselves well to temperature change and various living environments.On the other hand however, saltwater fish live in vast oceans where their living environments hardly changes, and thus they are very sensitive even to very minor changes. Chances are that they could suffer mass extinctions even under small changes in their environments. They can survive only when salinity, the amount of oxygen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, nitrous acid, nitrate concentrations, acidity, temperature gradients, micro-elements and so on are all within proper levels.

Well, even if what I’m saying sounds quite complex and seems hard to understand, just bear with me and think that there are such things as I explain.Only remember that such sensitive saltwater fish are living well in the Sweet Water Aquarium!

Besides, some fish are gentle and mild fish, while others are aggressive. What if these fish of opposite natures are forced to live together in a small area? Those gentle and mild natured fish may find it hard to survive because they would suffer due to the aggressive ones. In given natural environments, freshwater fish and saltwater fish cannot really confront each other, hence nothing can provoke their aggression.

If they are forced to live together, however, chances are that the aggression may be provoked. Moreover, many kinds of fish eat various different kinds of food. Yet still, they are all living together in harmony in the same space; it is truly amazing.

As you can see, the Sweet Water Aquarium is the ‘dream aquarium’ that surpasses all sorts of impossible conditions. And it is the vivid evidence that proves that the flood of Noah in the Bible was a true and factual historical event.

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ.

Due to judgment of great flood, many changes occurred to the earth as well. Its topography, climate, and ecosystem became different from the days before the flood. The reason was because, first, God withdrew the original light. The more critical reason however, lies with the world-wide flood itself.

Long before the judgment of great flood, even before human cultivation began, another judgment was executed on the earth. It was the judgment of fire against the dinosaurs that were expelled from the Garden of Eden.However, the judgment of fire and the judgment of flood are greatly different in many aspects. The objects of the judgment of flood were all the people and land animals that didn’t enter the ark. The objects of the judgment of fire, however, were only dinosaurs.

During the judgment of flood, the gates to the spiritual realm were opened over the entire globe, and water came down from the second heaven.However, during the judgment of fire, fire came down only to the places where dinosaurs were found. Therefore, the animals other than dinosaurs received no great damage by the judgment of fire. By the judgment of the flood however, except the people and animals that entered the ark, all living land creatures were destroyed all at once.

From now on, I will tell you what kind of changes occurred to the earth due to this judgment of flood. As you dive deeper and deeper down into water, you can feel the water pressure gradually increases. And you cannot move as freely as you do outside the water. Since the water covered the highest mountains during the judgment of flood, you can imagine how great the water pressure might have been!Because of that water pressure, the crust of the earth changed.

To help you understand better, here is the interior structure of the earth. Beneath the crust layer is the ‘mantle’ layer, and underneath the mantle is the core. Simply put, the surface of the earth where we stand ‘floats’ on the mantle layer. The temperature of the mantle adjacent to the crust is about 500 degrees Celsius, and about 5,000 degrees adjacent to the boundary with the core.

It is just as Job 28:5 says, “The earth, from it comes food, and underneath it is turned up as fire.”The interior structure of the earth was revealed only in the modern times, but the Bible, which was written thousands of years ago, already recorded that the inner part of the earth is as hot as fire. By the way, since the thickness of the crust as well as its constituents are different from place to place, their stability is also different from place to place. Some places have a solid and stable crust, while other places it is soft and unstable.

What would happen to these different places if the same water pressure were applied to them?When you squeeze a balloon the other side of the balloon will billow. As you keep squeezing it harder and harder, the side that billows will eventually explode. By the same token, when an enormous amount of water pressure was applied to the crust due to the judgment of flood, the solid crust withstood the pressure and subsided or sank down, but the soft crust billowed and exploded.

This phenomenon took place all over the earth.When the earth’s surface elevates due to a certain force, it is called (tectonic) uplift. When it sinks down, it is called subsidence.

The water pressure was not the sole factor affecting the changes of the crust.During the judgment of flood, the earth was under the water for about 150 days, and the water was not calm as in lakes. Since the earth is located between the sun and the moon, there is gravity affecting the earth.Due to these forces of gravity of the sun and the moon, the water that covers the earth bulge out to both sides.

On top of this, the earth rotates once a day.As the earth rotates while the water is kept still buy the earth’s gravity, the water sweeps the earth.This water that sweeps the earth knocks down rising hills such as mountains by erosion. As it drives the ground from the knocked-down hills, the ground piles up on a low plain.This phenomenon took place for about 5 months all over the world.

As its result, sedimentary layers appeared on the crust. The topography of the earth changed greatly and became much different from the days before the flood.Scientists say that it takes a long period of time for a sedimentary layer to aggregate, and they present this as grounds for evolution. Of course, it takes long time for a sedimentary layer to be created. However, through the world-wide mega-sized flood described, many sedimentary layers can also come into existence in less than a year.

Therefore, the result of study of the scientists of the world who exclude the event of Noah’s flood, is not correct. If they acknowledge that the Bible is true, and study the event of the Great Flood, they can get the accurate facts about the history of the earth.If they accept the facts that the uplift and subsidence of the crust took place due to the Great Flood, and that a sedimentary layer can appear in a short period, they can answer many questions of earth science.

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