Senior Deaconess Jungok Heo (Age 51, Chinese Parish)

I run a skin care shop with my husband. As I massage all day long, my right cheekbone and hip joint started to hurt always at some point due to the poor blood circulation.
When the Acting Senior Pastor, Dr. Soojin Lee prayed with the handkerchief of power(Acts 19:11-12) at the Divine Healing Meeting on September 13, 2021, the coldness left my body and the pain in the right cheekbone disappeared. But the pain in the right hip joint still remained. It hurt when I walked or sat down.
At the Divine Healing Meeting on December 10, I had to press my hip joint with a hard stuff whid listening to the sermon, because it hurt. I received her prayer with anticipation and slept. When I woke up next morning, I found there was no pain.
In addition, the Chinese Parish leaders had a meeting with Mrs. Boknim Lee, President of Manmin Prayer Center on December 6, and she prayed for us in the meeting. She prayed for each of us laying her hand on our shoulders with the handkerchief of power, and I was healed of Hepatitis C at that time.
I had a blood test and abdominal ultrasonography at the hospital on the 7th, the test results showed only signs of hepatitis C treatment without any abnormalities. Hallelujah!
I almost died due to ectopic pregnancy in 1996 when I didn’t know God and the Lord.
The doctor told my husband to prepare for my funeral. Then he cried out, “O God! Please save her.” After miraculously reviving, I saw God’s powerful works manifested by Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee while I was watching the Russia Crusade conducted by him in 2003, and accepted the Lord.
And the following year, I moved to S. Korea because I loved him and Manmin Church. I was so happy to lead my Christian life as a member of Manmin Central Church, which I had longed for so much. As I gained a new life by God’s grace, I diligently carried out the church duties as a cell leader and a sub-district leader. This year, I’m serving as a district leader.
I want to be a loyal worker who refreshes His heart because so great is the love and grace of God the Father who healed me and who wants to give me good things. I give all thanks and glory to the Lord of love who saved me.

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