Ruth (Age 52, Kenya Nairobi Manmin Church)

I was living with the rent after renting out a small house. And I suffered a lot from a life full of sins and most of all I lived a miserable life with AIDS. It was hard to even walk, so I always lied down. Then, I gradually fell into depression. When my anger suddenly arose, I quarreled with the tenants.
The most heartbreaking thing is that my daughter was born with AIDS. I tried everything with my young daughter to cure AIDS but it was of no use.
Headache, chills, dizziness, stomach ulcers and other symptoms got worse, and I lost the hope of life due to severe stress. I suffered from more severe depression in despair.

My neighbor Elizabeth asked me to go to the church in March 2019 and I registered at Nairobi Manmin Church with my daughter Wambui(Age 19). One day, while listening to Rev. Myongho Chung’s sermon, I realized the endless love of Father God, and my life changed by His grace. After I repented of acting in a cold and rude manner, my heart turned into a warm heart by God’s love.
By the help of the Holy Spirit, my heart was changed and I lived a new life in the Lord. Then, I got the faith that I could be healed of AIDS by prayer.
In early 2021, my daughter and I received Rev. Myongho Chung’s prayer with the handkerchief of power(Acts 19:11-21) to be healed of AIDS. After that, we gained weight and the symptoms like headache, chills, dizziness and stomach ulcers disappeared, and all the pains were gone.
I always had to walk with someone else’s help due to leg pain, but now I can walk well by myself. I couldn’t wear shoes because my wounded feet didn’t heal due to AIDS, but the wounds healed so I can wear shoes. What I am more grateful for is that my daughter recovered her memory. Hallelujah!

With so much gratitude for God’s grace, I wanted to something for His glory. So, in last November, I decided to do my best to work voluntarily and evangelize people for the 21st anniversary of Nairobi Manmin Church. From the time I made up my mind, Father God not only kept my body in the best condition but also gave me peace, joy and financial blessings.
I am no longer a slave to sin and the world but the fruit of God and the Lord who love me with endless love and care. I would like to thank Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee who raises me with the holiness gospel and Rev. Myongho Chung who teaches me to obey the Word.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who is alive and healed me of AIDS with His limitless, great and amazing power.

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