Deaconess Jungok Jee (Age 64, the 1st Parish)

On December 21, 2020, on the way home from work, the bus I was on suddenly stopped and my body was thrown forward. Even after receiving medical treatment at the hospital, the pain was getting worse day by day. As a result, I only slept an hour and a half at night, and my left arm didn’t go up at all.
Through this, I had time to reflect on my faith before God, and repented. Above all, I thought it was so foolish that I could not be healed of this by faith while living my Christian life in the church of power with the Senior Pastor of power.
I prepared with prayer to be healed by faith. Then, I heard the good news that a divine healing meeting in September was going to be held. I fasted for a day with the heart that I must be healed at this time, and I attended the ‘Holy Spirit Daniel prayer meeting’ through GCN and prayed hard.
On September 13, from the beginning of the meeting, I receive the Holy Fire and my whole body felt heated. After receiving Dr. Soojin Lee’s prayer with the handkerchief of power (Acts 19:11-12), the headaches that I had suffered from several times a day disappeared, and I feel like flying. These days, I feel the love of God the Father, and I am very glad and happy.

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