Deacon Hyunhee Nam (Age 62, the 13th Parish)

After earning a Ph.D. in French Literature from University of Nancy, France, I taught French literature at a university in Seoul for about 25 years. After I stopped teaching at school, I published my writings and worked as a writer.
At that time, I was attending a Catholic church diligently, and to know about the words of the Bible, I listened to the sermons of various pastors on YouTube. In the meantime, I listened to Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermon, and every word touched me deeply. It was very interesting to hear a variety of in-depth contents that I did not know. It was good to feel the sincerity of Dr. Jaerock Lee as well.
However, while listening to Dr. Lee’s sermons, there was a message that gave me a spiritual shock. It is that the children of God today should know how unworthy of the truth it is to express the Virgin Mary as the Holy Mother of the Lord, or to make and worship before her image(Exodus 20:4).
God exists from eternity to eternity, and Jesu sis one with God and is one of the Triune God, so we cannot call Mary, a creature as ‘mother’.
Jesus was conceived by the power of the Holy Spirit only by borrowing the body of Mary, and the fact is that there is no record in the Bible that Jesus called her ‘mother’. Jesus called her ‘woman’, and the expression ‘mother’ was written from the position of John His disciple who wrote the Gospel of John.
After attending a Catholic church diligently for 20 years, I was troubled by these words. But I thought that it would be an obstacle to my salvation. One day, while praying to lead me to a proper church, I found the phone number of Manmin Central Church on the Internet.
On April 30, 2017, I took my first step at Manmin Central Church, and on May 7, the next week, I registered and became the flock of Manmin.
Afterwards, Dr. Jaerock Lee’s sermons, “The Message of the Cross”, “Heaven”, “Hell”, “Lectures on Genesis”, “Lectures of the book of Job”, “Lectures on Revelation”, “Goodness”, “Beatitudes”, “The Guidance of the Holy Spirit”, “The Nine Fruits of the Holy Spirit”, “The Measures of Faith”, and so on, and prayed at the Daniel Prayer Meetings every day. I was blessed with good health both in spirit and body.
As I properly understood the will of God contained in the Bible through the sermons, I looked back on myself and repented a lot, tried to live according to God’s Word to fulfill the sanctification of heart, and I was happy because I was filled with the hope for New Jerusalem.
In addition to this, before coming to our church, blood circulation was not good, so my left leg was very numb, so it was difficult to fall asleep. But it was healed at some point, and severe facial blushing was also healed. I had gastric disorder and swelling of face but it has improved. Also, after receiving the Senior Pastor’s prayer, I was blessed to buy a house not far from the church.
I am deeply grateful to the Father God for inviting me to the gracious church in the end time along with many blessings both in spirit and body. I also thank my loving Senior Pastor for leading us to New Jerusalem with the precious holiness gospel.

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