Deaconess Songhee Shin(Age 54, the 8th Parish)

From July 2021, the pain in my left arm was so severe that I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t move my left arm freely, so I had to be careful when putting on clothes or doing something, and I had a lot of troubles doing house chores. Sometimes, I dropped bowls and broke it as my left hand was weak while washing dishes.
When I went to see a doctor, I was told, “You have a frozen shoulder, and even laser surgery does not cure it completely. So, you should exercise hard for 3 months and come again.” Then, he told me to exercise while watching the video he sent me after taking painkillers because it would be difficult to exercise because of the pain.
However, it was difficult to exercise alone because my left arm was stiff and did not move well and was painful. But after receiving prayer at the divine healing meeting in September, I experienced that the pain completely disappeared.
After that, I received prayer every time the divine healing meeting was held, because it was still difficult to move my left arm freely. But I didn’t receive the complete healing.
Then, on May 27, 2022, I attended the divine healing meeting through GCN, and the sermon of Acting Senior Pastor, Dr. Soojin Lee, entitled, “Have peace in all things” felt as if she was speaking to me. At the same times, heat came over my body, and I remembered what I didn’t repent although I realized. I repented of them, and when I sang praises for repentance and the fullness of the Holy Spirit, I felt heat again so that my face felt burning.
After that, when I moved my left arm, to my surprise, I was able to move it freely. It was so amazing and I was grateful. I give all thanks and glory to God the loving Father who healed me.

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