Hilda Wanja (Age 40, Nairobi Manmin Church, Kenya)

Having suffered from epilepsy, stomach ulcers, and asthma, I became a flock of Manmin in 2018 when I attended the Nairobi Manmin Church’s “Handkerchief Healing Meeting (Acts 19:11-12)”.

At that time, because of epilepsy, I fell down while talking or at the sound of speakers during the worship. I used to lose consciousness about five times a day. However, whenever the handkerchief healing meeting was held in the church, my health was restored as I continued to receive the handkerchief prayer from Rev. Myong-ho Chung.
Eventually, my stomach ulcers and asthma were healed, so I came to eat any food well, and the inhaler was no longer used. The epilepsy, which made me pass out five times a day, is now almost gone.

In May 2022, I fell while doing laundry and the pain in my left shoulder was severe. I took an X-ray in the hospital, and it was revealed that my shoulder blade had dislocated and that I needed surgery to tie the dislocated bone with a metal strap. My family was very worried about this, and Pastors came to visit me and told my family about the works of power that appears in Manmin Church, planting faith and also encouraging me.

The next day, after the Wednesday service, I received a prayer from Rev. Myong-ho Chung. After he said, “You don’t need surgery, and you will get better without surgery,” he prayed with the handkerchief of power. After the prayer, my shoulder pain disappeared. The next day, I went to the hospital and took an X-ray again. The bones were back in place, and the doctor was astonished and said that no surgery was needed. Hallelujah!

My family was happy and thankful for the love of the Lord who healed me and came to have more belief about the church. I give all thanks and glory to God the Father who gave me health and true happiness.

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