Senior Deaconess Myungsoon Jeon (Age 53, the 8th Parish)

On September 7, my left shoulder started itching like it was bit by an insect. At first, I thought simply it might be a mosquito bite, but the itching didn’t stop even after a day or two. Not only that, but the wound seemed to run down my left armpit and behind my ear and up my head. A hospital examination revealed that it was shingles.
I was not worried at all because I had seen and experienced many works of power through Dr. Jaerock Lee the Senior Pastor. Moreover, because the Online Divine Healing Meeting was going to be held on September 13, I asked my Parish Pastor and district leaders to pray for me to be healed and glorify God. In addition, I attended the “Holy Spirit Daniel prayer meeting” held before the divine healing meeting through GCN, and prepared myself with faith praying earnestly.
On the day of the meeting, from the moment I attended the ‘Online Divine Healing Meeting’ through GCN, the symptoms that were spreading to my head stopped, and when Dr. Soojin Lee prayed with the handkerchief on which the Senior Pastor had prayed (Acts 19:11-12), I felt like something came out of my body.
After that, there was a faint pain in the left shoulder and armpit, and then, every time I repented, the pain disappeared completely. Hallelujah!

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