Deaconess Youngmi Yoo (Manmin Church, 35)

In April 2003, my 3-month-old son Donghwan suffered from high fever and vomiting. I took him to a hospital and he was diagnosed as the case of bacterial encephalomeningitis (inflammation in the brain). At that time there were a few clusters of pus in his brain and he had to be operated on. Doctors said that he had a 99.9% chance that he would be stricken with hydrocephalus (water in the brain) even after he received operation. He told us to go to a bigger hospital. I felt totally despaired in the face of my son’s serious disease.

Aftereffect of my son’s encephalomeningitis
In that situation my younger sister, Deaconess Soomi Yoo, Rev. Santae Kim, ministering Masan Manmin Church, and many church members visited me and I became strengthened by their loving care. They introduced to me the works of power happening at Manmin Joong-ang Church and planted faith in me.
I was like a drowning man who will clutch at a straw, and when I heard the news about the 12th Two-week Special Revival Meeting, I registered at Masan Manmin Church under the guidance of my sister and Rev. Kim’s wife.
It was as soon as I walked into the church sanctuary and heard touching praise that I shed tears. Listening to the messages of Rev. Dr. Lee broadcast via satellite, I gained spiritual life and realized my son’s disease was due to his parents’ sins.

My son’s disease was healed by the living God
I thoroughly repented that I had complained and lamented rather than to cherish my son and that I had become addicted to drinking and worldly pleasures as if this world were everything. When Rev. Dr. Lee prayed for the sick from the pulpit after preaching, he said, “Be cured! Encephalomeningitis! Dead cells, be made alive!” and I received his prayer with sincerity.
Since then, my son got well very quickly. One day, after two weeks, the doctor permitted my son to leave the hospital because there was no after-effects found in him. Hallelujah!
My son has no after-effects from the operation at all since then on. Through this experience, I met the living God and came to keep the Lord’s Day holy and prayed for my faith to grow.

I almost lost my sight because of Harada Disease
In the mid January of 2005, my left eye suddenly began to dim out and the sight of both eyes weakened. Objects looked vague or almost invisible. Many objects seemed yellow and straight lines appeared curved and waved. Still worse, vomiting and dizziness followed.
Doctor said to me, “It’s Harada Disease. Objects look vague and rugged because tumors are in your eyes.” He said that he could not find the cause of the disease and the eyesight was not easy to recover with medical treatment. If tumors increased, they would cover the eye’s nerves and it would cause me to lose my sight.
Nonetheless, I thought I would be healed by the power of God and glorify Him and was joyful and thankful unlike when my son Donghwan had been stricken with encephalomeningitis. I began to look back at myself in prayer, and repented that I had relied on medical treatment when my son caught a cold, although I had experienced he was healed by God’s power, and been in discord with others or judged and condemned when their opinions disagreed with mine in fulfilling the God-given duty.
All this was God’s loving plan to help me find my inner self and change myself. Otherwise, I would not have realized my true self but instead dwelled in sins. Afterwards through the prayer of the broadcasts and the handkerchief Rev. Dr. Lee had prayed on, my dizziness and vomiting were gone.

I was healed after repentance

On the last February 4, I came to Rev. Dr. Lee to receive his prayer for complete healing. When he said, “Dead eye nerves, be made alive! Light come on her!” I was filled with joy, thanks and assurance of my healing.
A few hours later I found myself watching Friday all-night service on TV with perfect eyesight. Captions looked clear to my eyes. Eyes came to focus on what I wanted to see, objects did not appear rugged and vague any longer and each color of all objects became clear. No object looked yellow at all. Hallelujah!
On February 14, I went for reevaluation to ascertain my healing and glorify God. My doctor said, “Amazing! Your eyes are normal.” The doctor who knew my eyes had been very serious several weeks earlier was surprised at the fact I could look at anything well. After close examination, he confirmed my tumors disappeared and swelling was solved. He asked me whether I had received medical treatment at another hospital. I gave him a clear answer: “No. I just received the prayer of Rev. Dr. Lee and was healed by the power of God.”
My eyesight used to be 0.8/0.25 before I received the prayer, but it was improved to show 1.0/1.0 after the prayer. Now my sight is 1.2 in both eyes. I give all thanks and glory to our loving Father God and give thanks to Rev. Dr. Lee who has raised me with the word of life and prayed for me with all his sincerity.

1 Before the prayer
2 After the prayer

Picture on retina tells tumors in both eyes disappeared
Doctor’s opinion document: Her sight changed from 0.8/0.25 to 1.0/1.0 No retinal disease is seen.

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