The Divine Healing Meeting with Acting Senior Pastor Dr. Soojin Lee was broadcast live around the world at 11pm on March 25. Testimonies that various kinds of diseases had been healed and desires of the heart had been answered continued, giving great glory to God not only in Korea but also abroad.

Aftereffect from a car accident

Deacon Seokjo Hong(Age 59, the 4th Parish)

I was in an accident due to drowsy driving 8 years ago and I had a fracture on my 7th and 8th thoracic vertebrae. I was wearing a back brace for about a month but the pain continued. It was not easy when I slept or went up the stairs.
The pain disappeared to some extent as my whole body heated up during the Divine Healing Meeting in January, and it was completely healed at the Divine Healing Meeting in March. And I have no pain at all now.

Itching all over the body

Senior Deaconess Hoyim Chu(Age 63, the 6th Parish)

I scratched my body to the point of being hurt a week before the Divine Healing Meeting. I scratched it even during the worship service before the healing meeting.
While I was listening to the sermon, I was reminded of my complaints and repented. As God’s grace fell upon me, I worshiped, praised, and prayed being filled with the Holy Spirit. My body felt refreshed and it wasn’t itchy after receiving the prayer for the sick.

Financial blessing

Senior Deaconess Kyoung-Ah Jo(Age 58, the 10th Parish)

I attended the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting with fasting and giving offerings with anticipation for the Divine Healing Meeting.
Especially at the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting on the 8th, the members of Women’s Cell Group Leaders Association attended through Zoom service, and I received prayer for my husband who was worried about job flipping. After that, his salary was raised by 600,000 Won from his previous salary at the same job and he came to be able to work without retirement.

Finger Arthritis

Deaconess Kyoungsook Jung(Age 60, the 13th Parish)

My left index finger hurt a lot for about 2 months. It hurt when I closed my fist or it was touched. I had constant pain and was told by a pharmacist that it seemed to be arthritis.
However, my left hand felt hot when I received prayer at the Divine Healing Meeting and the pain completely disappeared. Now it is okay to move that finger or clench my fist.


Christina Velasquez(Age 59, Honda, Colombia)

The pain was so bad that I couldn’t move my body because of neuralgia. It hurt as if I was stabbed when I moved it.
Dr. Soojin Lee prayed calling the disease names of the patients at the Divine Healing Meeting. When she said “Neuralgia”, I got up and moved my body. Then, there was no pain at all and nothing was wrong.

Leg pain

1Richard Chirinos (Age 51, Valencia, Venezuela)

I had leg pain for 2 years. In particular, the pain in one leg was very bad. To be healed of the disease, I attended the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting and prayed earnestly.
And I received the prayer at the Divine Healing Meeting. The fire of the Holy Spirit came upon me and I felt heat all over the body. The cramps in my legs stopped and the severe pain disappeared.

Frozen shoulder

Deaconess Eunkyoung Yim(Age 64, the 15th Parish)

When I lay down to sleep, I had pain in my right arm in March. It hurt whenever I moved my right arm and it didn’t go up.
I sang praises lifting my right arm up when I praised God at the Divine Healing Meeting, and the pain disappeared. I didn’t feel the pain although I lifted it up again.

Jerk finger

Senior Deaconess Hyuncho Bang(Age 60, the 15th Parish)

My left hand hurt and the fingers were not extended fully due to jerk finger for 2 years. It made a noise when I moved it.
In order to get healed by faith through the Divine Healing Meeting, I attended the Vowed Daniel Prayer meeting and prayed. Then, I received the first of the Holy Spirit while praying. The palm of my left hand got hot when I received the prayer at the Divine Healing Meeting, it didn’t make any noise or any pain even when I moved it.

Headache and Degenerative Arthritis

Deaconess Youngja Park(Age 57, Chinese Parish)

I had to wear a knee brace due to degenerative arthritis when I was working. And I had a severe headache and dizziness in March.
However, while preparing for the Divine Healing Meeting, I thoroughly repented at the online Chinese Parish prayer meeting on the 20th and the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon me. After that, headache and the pain from degenerative arthritis disappeared.

Lumbar disc

Deaconess Chunja Han (Age 79, Chinese Parish)

I had to have surgery because the 3rd and 4th lumbar disc were damaged 20 years ago, but I didn’t have the surgery because I couldn’t afford it. However, the pain worsened recently, and I couldn’t bend my back and it was hard to sit or get up.
I prepared for the Divine Healing Meeting with longing for healing by faith, and when I received prayer at the meeting, my back felt refreshed. Since then, I have had no pain to move it freely.

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