Pastor Lima Imsong
doing ministry in Arunachal Pradesh State of India

In February of 2002, I was ordained as a pastor at the Baptist Church of the Northern India and opened a church at the Arunachal Pradesh State of India. The Arunachal Pradesh State is bordering Tibet in the north, Myanmar in the east, the Nagaland and Assam States in the south, and Bhutan in the west. Most of the population are Buddhists and Hindus, and very poor in economics. While spreading the gospel among the Buddhists, I once drank poisonous tea maliciously provided by them and was at the doorstep of death for 9 months. By the grace of God I was healed and set the passion for the gospel more ablaze.

My spiritual eyes were opened after reading The Message of the Cross

I led many revival meetings in the northeastern India and came to become a famous revivalist. At a corner of my heart was a spiritual thirst and longing heart to see a spiritual leader who would teach me the depths of spiritual realm.
In October of 2008, I attended a young people’s prayer meeting held in Delhi, the capital city of India and met Dr. Lanu who was serving WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network). Dr. Lanu gave me The Message of the Cross, one of Dr. Jaerock Lee’s books. While reading it, I was so touched at the amazing contents such as: The mystery that had been hidden since before the beginning of time; the reason that Jesus is our only Savior; God’s providences embedded in Jesus’ crucifixion; and many others that I have had been wondering. Later I read Heaven and Hell, too.
Dr. Lanu took me to Pastor John Kim, a Korean missionary and ministering to Delhi Manmin Mission Center. Pastor Kim showed me ‘The Power of God’ DVD that includes manifestations of God’s power performed through Dr. Jaerock Lee, and Manmin News in Hindi, weekly newsletter of Manmin Central Church.
“This is the very thing I have wanted! Now I can show the proofs of the living God!” said I. I spread Manmin News at many prayer meetings and worship services and taught the people in attendance the holiness gospel.

Guided to have cooperation with Manmin in my dream

In the end of 2008 God gave me the assurance of the collaboration with Manmin. In my dream Dr. Jaerock Lee appeared and said to me in English, “Read Proverbs 22:4.” It reads, “The reward of humility and the fear of the LORD are riches, honor and life.”
I meditated on this Scripture and prayed with it. And I tried my best to practice the Word of God. As that result, I was invited to many more meetings, and I delivered the messages based on the three books I had read—The Message of the Cross, Heaven and Hell, and then was recognized as a more influential revivalist.
One day I explained to a Buddhist stricken with leprosy about Muan Sweet Water, and sprayed it to his body and prayed for him. A few days later the sick parts began to recover, and the leper himself drank Muan Sweet Water and applied it on his body. He finally came to walk by himself. These powerful works of God planted the faith and true life into the hearts of many people.

Many Souls in India Woke Up through GCN-Manmin TV

In 2009 I invited Pastor Kim to the Nagaland State and learned his ministry for 2 weeks. When he conducted the meetings, he preached the holiness gospel and then prayed for the sick with the handkerchief, and I witnessed many of them receiving healing (Acts 19:11-12). At that time the Korean Wave was hitting among the young in the Nagaland State.
I thought and expected that broadcasting programs produced by Manmin TV would attract the interests of many people in accordance with that cultural flow. Pastor Kim supported my plan with 11 satellite receivers, and I visited the local cable televisions and introduced the programs of GCN-Manmin TV.
I said, “This GCN-Manmin TV is a must to those who cannot go to church because of their sickness, those who are in spiritual slumber, and those who are seeking a spiritual mentor and church. The viewers love it so much. I believe it is the will of God to broadcast GCN-Manmin TV programs in the Nagaland State.
We installed the satellite discs at 10 cable television stations in the Nagaland State, and the holiness gospel is being broadcast 24 hour. Many believers improved their faith listening to the messages of sanctification preached by Dr. Jaerock Lee and were healed of their diseases. The number of the GCN viewers in Nagaland is estimated to be 200,000. That same year I registered my church as a branch church of Manmin Central Church to do more active associative ministries with Manmin.

Manmin Central Church filled with many proofs of the living God

I had wanted to see Dr. Jaerock Lee from the heart so that on March 25, I could pay a visit to Manmin Central Church by the work of God despite my financial difficulty. I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit at the worship services and Daniel Prayer Meeting held every night, and was so touched visiting Muan Sweet Water site, Manmin TV, and many other missionary fields.
The most impressive thing during my visit was the devotional love that Dr. Jaerock Lee is giving to many church members day and night through fervent prayers, and sincere and powerful counsels for the healing of their diseases, the fulfillment of their heart’s desires and the resolution of their problems. It was a wonder to me to see the beautiful love, service and trust shared between Senior Pastor and his church members, and their abundant blessings.
I wondered the reason for those blessings. At the meeting and conversation with Dr. Jaerock Lee, I could find the reason. Dr. Lee is a worldwide revivalist and Senior Pastor of the 100,000-member mega church, but so humble and meek. In every affair he is showing a good example of acting only by the Word of God. When he laid his hand on me and prayed for me, the fullness of the Holy Spirit was beyond description.
On April 4, at the Sunday Evening Service I registered as a member of Manmin Central Church and made up my mind to practice this good example of the ministry of Manmin when I come back to India.
I am leading 18 prayer meetings in the Nagaland State, and praying for Dr. Jaerock Lee and his ministry. We are praying for a branch church of Manmin to be established there and many pastors and church leaders want to study at MIS (Manmin International Seminary). I humbly ask you all brothers and sisters in Christ at Manmin to pray that the holiness gospel and news of God’s powerful works may spread to the northeastern India, and even to Myanmar and China.

Manmin Network

• WCDN (World Christian Doctors Network)
WCDN is an international and interdenominational organization that collects and analyzes divine healing cases performed by the power of God all over the world, and testifies God is alive by presenting at the WCDN conferences.

• GCN (Global Christian Network)
GCN is a worldwide Christian TV network that is broadcasting Dr. Jaerock Lee’s messages, testimonies of God’s powerful works, Christian songs and performances to the whole world via aired TV, satellites, cable TVs, and the Internet.

• MIS (Manmin International Seminary)
MIS is an international and biblical education institute that educates and trains many pastors and church leaders with the fivefold gospel of sanctification, and encourages them to do their ministries more powerfully and fruitfully.

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