walk without crutches after being healed

Deacon Soonshik Cho (Male, age 61, Jeon ju Manmin church)

Welfare card authenticating physically challenged of grade 2

Living a miserable life with my spine seriously injured…
Last year, July 9th, one of my neighbors asked me to repair his rain-leaking roof. So I climbed his roof and repaired it. Then, I misstepped and fell down to the ground.

I was delivered to Yesu(which means Jesus) Hospital by an ambulance right after the accident. The next day, I had a big operation for 9 hours but the result was desperate according to the doctors’ saying.

1. X-ray immediately after the accident Backbone was bent forward because the first vertebra has been broken
2. X-ray after the operationThe first vertebra fixed with nails

“The lower half of your body will be paralyzed, and it seems impossible for you to walk from now on.”
Although I had been an all-round sportsman since I was young, I was changed into a waste-machine just because of the accident. That made me so desperate. Even my wife had to live through hardships for having a handicapped husband. For example, she had to help me with lying down, urinating and having a bowel movement. In addition, she had to run around to get loans for the hospital fees increasing like a snowball.

Now I feel so sorry to my wife. Anyway to get out of that situation, I decided to enter Jeonbook general hospital but I could not get out of my wheel chair. Even if I managed to stand up using my crutches, it took at least one hour to walk 100 meters.
“Oh! my life! Is this the end of my life?”

Finding a piece of hope through Manmin newspaper
Last February, news with light of hope came to me. Evangelist Wanseop Sim with whom I had shared my house moved to Seoul and sent me the mission newspaper of Manmin Joong-ang church. When I opened it, I couldn’t help being surprised. It especially talked about the amazing works of God’s power manifested through senior pastor Jaerock Lee during the ‘Miracle Healing Prayer Festival’ held in India last October.
The news was very surprising that the blind came to see, the deaf and mute came to hear and speak, the lame stood up from their wheelchairs to walk and jump and various kinds of diseases were healed. In addition, the view of the united crusade attended by millions of people was really wonderful.
“I may be healed also if I get there.”
Right after seeing the amazing works of God through Manmin newspaper, I called evangelist Wanseop Sim and I was introduced to Jeonju Manmin church, a branch church of Manmin. So Rev. Seungpyo Kang pastoring this church visited my house and helped me have faith with saying “You, Deacon Soonsik Cho can certainly be healed.”
“Right, I’ll go to the church.”

Having faith and assurance of salvation through word of life
After finding the light of hope, I visited Jeonju Manmin church by a car provided by the church and attended the Evening Service on that Sunday. The members welcomed me with warm hearts as if we had been brothers and sisters, and I felt it was a living church watching them singing and clapping their hands to praise.

In addition, senior pastor Jaerock Lee’s sermon that we could watch simultaneously through the satellite TV was the word of life I had never heard before. I tried to concentrate on his sermon not to miss even a moment and I felt each word was spoken for me. I tried to experience the living God attending the ‘Daniel Prayer Meeting’ which is held every night at 9 o’clock.
While watching the attendants pray earnestly, I was so much touched and challenged. I feel thanks to the church members who gave me rides to and fro everyday with love and willingness.

After that, I attended the service in spirit and truth every Sunday and at home reviewed the words of life which I had noted. Attracted by the words of life, I read ‘Tasting eternal Life before Death’; the testimonial memoir of Rev. Jaerock Lee, ‘The Message of the Cross’, ‘Heaven 1,2’, ‘Hell’, ‘The Measure of Faith’ and so on. While reading them, I could look into myself and tried to have the hope of heaven.

After repenting with tears at ‘2-week special revival Meeting’
3 months after I registered in my church, I got happy news about the 11th 2-week special Revival Meeting being held. I prayed eagerly to get healed at the Meeting and the members of Jeonju Manmin church helped me with their fasts and prayers.

May 5, 2003, the Revival Meeting started. As I watched disabled people stand up from their wheelchairs to walk, I got more faith and hope for being healed.

May 6, the second day of the Revival Meeting, it was a blessed day for me that I could never forget. Boknim Lee leading ‘Prayer Meeting for the sick’ from 10 AM said that “Before God, put down all your sins you’ve committed” then, overwhelming inspiration made me shiver.

“Father, God, Forgive my dissipated life and accept me.” When I was reminded of what I had sinned, I burst into tears and repented during the prayer. As repenting with tears and snivel, I came to speak in tongues and I felt like flying.

“I’m joyful and feel like flying for walking without crutches.”

During the Revival Meeting in the evening, Rev. Jaerock Lee prayed for all the attendants, especially for patients after his sermon. Then my whole body became hot. As I received the fire of the Holy Spirit, I felt like flying in the air with a light heart.
Immediately, a miracle took place. I got strength in my waist and legs, and I stood up by myself and walked to the platform holding my crutches in my hands. My wife watching this happening burst into tears with inexpressible joy and wondered if that was a dream or a real happening.

Furthermore, while I was on the platform, my body from head to toe became so hot as if I had been in a fiery furnace. I sweated a lot and even my inner wear wetted through. I was filled with great pleasure and had a ruddy face. I was so excited that I couldn’t think how to testify, and I just repeatedly said, “I give thanks to God.” “Senior Pastor! Thank you.”

It was unbelievable that I myself walked because I couldn’t be standing up even for a moment without crutches. Rev. Kang Seungpyo pastoring Jeonju Manmin church and the members, and those who were staying with me in the patients’ room provided by the church during the revival meeting tore with great joy and repeatedly said, “Congratulations!” with clapping their hands.

Now I live a happy life with gardening, helping my wife with house chores and preaching the gospel. I give thanks and all the glory to God and give thanks to senior pastor Jaerock Lee for praying with all his energy.

The result of electromyogram inspection
Explaining most of the nerves in the lower body is reviving

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