Senior Deaconess Youngsook Gwon(Age 60, the 8th Parish)

In April, 2022, my right thumb was not bent well. It hurt every time I tried to bend my thumb, which was very uncomfortable.
The symptoms got worse and worse, and even if my right thumb was unconsciously bent, I felt severe pain as if it was breaking, and it was not straightened, I had to hold it with my left hand and straighten it after some time. As a result, I became very careful about the movement of my right thumb and I came to be unable to bend it.

After reaching this state, I received medical treatment last June. The disease was called ‘jerk finger’, and the doctor recommended physical therapy, and if it did not improve, surgery should be considered. So, I received physical therapy, but it did not improve.
I made up my mind to be healed at the upcoming Manmin Summer Retreat. I offered the vowed Daniel prayer meeting and prayed for the answer. Then, in prayer, I remembered how I gave a hard time to my family due to my self-righteousness and frameworks, and I repented, and then I tried to change.
Finally, on August 1, the Manmin Summer Retreat began. At the divine healing meeting after the seminar on the first evening, Dr. Soojin Lee, Acting Senior Pastor prayed for the sick.
I moved my right thumb as I prayed with an earnest heart to be healed. Then, the thumb, which was not bent at all, was bent about 60 degrees.
I was convinced that the Lord was healing me. I was so happy and thankful that I prayed earnestly while preparing for the divine healing meeting in September. Then one day, when I tried to bend my right thumb, it was completely bent without any pain. Hallelujah!

Through this process, I was blessed not only to be healed of my disease, but also to discover and change myself.
I give all thanks and glory to God the Father of love who leads me to the path of true blessing, where all things prosper as my soul prospers.

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