I want to glorify God by studying well

<Q> I am a sophomore in high school who is about to enter college. Others who want to enter a first-class university concentrate on their studies from their freshman year of high school, but I couldn’t do that, so my grades naturally dropped. But from now on, I want to study hard and get into a good university to glorify God, give joy to my parents, and prepare myself for the future. Please tell me specifically how to study well.

<A> Students’ duty is to study. This is because, when you are a student, you need to study a lot so that you can take care of yourself and live like a human being, prepare for the future by nurturing your dreams, and live a successful life for the rest of your life. If you do well in your studies, you will be satisfied with yourself, your parents will be happy, and you will bring glory to God. Also, it is evangelism to friends and neighbors, and rewards are accumulated in heaven. If you are a student, you should enjoy studying and do your best to study well.
Proverbs 9:10 says, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.” To study well, you must have wisdom and understanding, which explains that it comes from knowing God. Therefore, anyone who believes in God can study well, but there are some problems that we will show you how to solve them.
There is no such thing as declining grades while attending church. If you believe in God and reflect on the truth, you will discover your own sins and fight them off, but your grades may drop due to neglect in your studies. Also, if you don’t study and do God’s work, your grades may drop, but you should become a loyal student at home and never be persecuted for not studying at home or at school.

1) IQ is a problem.
The IQ, often expressed as IQ, is the key to whether you are good at studying or not. IQ refers to the degree of development of intelligence, and a high IQ means that you can study well. However, a high IQ does not mean that everyone is good at studying, and a high IQ helps them to study well. Except for a child with a very low IQ, he can study well with God’s power.
However, a student with a high IQ is like a farmer with good seeds, so it is easy to produce good fruits. A good seed must be planted in a good field to produce good fruit, but if it is planted in a bad field, it cannot bear good fruit, and even if the farmer does not work diligently, it cannot produce good fruit. Therefore, having a high IQ is a condition for studying well, but I must realize that a high IQ does not mean that I can study well.

2) If you control the environment, you can study well.
If you have a good environment where you can focus on your studies, you can study better than if you didn’t. Because the atmosphere is quiet, there is peace between family members, and the mind is at peace, so you can concentrate better. However, just because a good environment is good doesn’t mean that everyone can study well, and just because a good environment isn’t created doesn’t mean they can’t study. No matter how poor the environment, if you have a heart that can overcome it with faith and give thanks, you can control the environment, so the environment is not a problem at all.
Still, parents should create the best possible environment for them. You should always treat them comfortably with a smile, provide snacks from time to time, keep the surroundings quiet, and provide what you need. Even if a good environment is not provided, if a student dominates the environment with the determination to glorify God by studying well, he or she can study well.

3) If you get rid of distractions, you will study well.
The biggest hindrance to studying is distraction. Even if you sit at your desk, other thoughts come to mind, and if you get caught up in them, you will soon forget them because even if you study, they will not be planted in your heart. Adolescence is often highly curious and lacks the ability to dominate and govern the curiosity or feelings that have been stimulated, making it impossible or incapable of studying when enslaved to distractions. Therefore, in order to get rid of distractions, you need to train to block stimulation. We must block out things that should not be seen, things not to be heard, books not to be read, things not to be taught, things not to be passed on between friends.
Studying for ten hours amidst distractions is quickly forgotten, but if you study with a clean mind without distractions, studying for an hour or two will last for a long time. If you focus your mind and study with joy, you can plant it in your head as well as your heart. Also, if you use the associative method when studying, the effect is even better. Mnemonics is typing with a feeling about what needs to be memorized. When you write a fun, strong, and very specific association method, you will study well because it will be well captured, not easily forgotten, and will remain in your memory for a long time.

4) If you are armed with the truth, you can study well.
What should I do if I try to get rid of the distractions and the distractions do not go away and I dig deeper? There is only one way to solve this. It is a way to cultivate the spirit by faith. If you meditate on the Word of God, wear the fullness of prayer and equip yourself with the truth, you will have the power to cast off your thoughts and curiosity. We can overcome untruth only when we keep ourselves with the truth and make ourselves through our actions.
The idea that one should study well and become a good person is true, so those who are armed with the truth will enjoy studying. If you overcome the temptation to watch TV programs and pray, you will overcome yourself, and the strength to continue to overcome will come, and the truth will naturally rule over the untruth. If you keep it as you set your mind, it will become joy and power, and you will be able to enjoy a thrilling sense of victory as it dominates and rules your heart.

5) You must learn how to study.
Most students do not understand and do not like to study subjects that they do not understand. In order to be freed from the pain of subjects that they cannot understand, they must love the subjects with their hearts and allocate more time to study intensively. Also, make sure you get into the habit of studying and reviewing, and don’t procrastinate on your homework. Students who have pre-rehearsed will understand easily when listening to explanations in class. If you develop the habit of reviewing, the difficulty of studying in a hurry during the exam period will disappear. If you don’t do your homework, you lose enjoyment, so it’s a good idea to review and prepare in the remaining time after doing your homework.
As mentioned above, if we keep in mind that we should study well, decide to practice, believe and act, wisdom will come from heaven, and anyone can study well and become an outstanding person.

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