John 13: 32
“…if God is glorified in Him, God will also glorify Him in Himself, and will glorify Him immediately.”


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

This is the 57th session of Heaven sermon series. In New Jerusalem there are so many gigantic mansions that are beyond our imagination.

Castles that are much bigger than any mansions on earth will be given to the fathers of faith such as Elijah, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, and Apostle Paul.

Of course, the castles of the Lord and the Holy Spirit are the biggest among all the castles in New Jerusalem. Here, a ‘castle’ includes the whole area that is surrounded by the walls.
The area of the castles of the Lord and the Holy Spirit are 1/3 of the area of the New Jerusalem respectively, which is about 19 times of the area of South Korea.

Of course, this is when we calculated the area of New Jerusalem just as a plane.

I also explained the dwelling places of those who accomplished whole spirit at the time of the Lord and during the era of the Holy Spirit would be prepared in the castle of the Lord and the castle of the Holy Spirit respectively.

In this session, I will introduce to you the biggest mansion in the area of the Holy Spirit. Because the size is so big, I will continue to explain about it in the next session also, but very briefly.

Through this message, I hope you can get a feeling about how much reward an individual can receive in New Jerusalem.

Unlike men who are living in the limited physical world, God the Father is great. So, if it is right according to justice, He can give us so much reward.

I hope you will have more abundant hope and run towards New Jerusalem.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, now let me talk to you about the biggest mansion in the area of the Holy Spirit. This mansion is also a castle.

The general structure has the main house at the center of the castle, and the castle has two layers of walls.

There is an additional wall in the middle part between the main house at the center and the outer wall.

So, the whole castle is divided into the inner castle and the outer castle, which are from the main house to the center wall and from the center wall to the outer wall respectively.

Therefore, to reach the main house of this castle, we have to pass the main gate and then another gate once again at the middle wall.

On the outer wall are many gates, and the gate that is in line with the front of the main house is the main gate.
The main gate is decorated with various gemstones and two angels guard it.

The two angels have masculine faces and they look very strong. They don’t even move their eyes while on guard, and we can feel the dignity from them.

On either side of the main gate are big cylindrical pillars. The walls are decorated with jewels and flowers, and they are so long that the end cannot be seen.

Guided by the angels as we enter into the main gate that opens automatically, brilliant and beautiful lights shine on us.

And there is a golden road that is like crystal that stretches out directly to the main gate.

Both sides of the road are decorated with beautiful and precious trees and various flowers.

Among them is a golden tree that bears so many jeweled fruits.

When we eat this fruit of jewels, it melts down in our mouths and it is so delicious that the whole body will be filled with energy and joy.

As we walk the golden road with the escort of the angels, the flowers of various colors on either side of the road will give out their fragrance to welcome the visitors.

Also, we can see there are gardens that are decorated in perfect harmony of golden lawn and various trees. On the trees are various birds with golden feathers singing in beautiful voices.

There is also a grassy plain where various animals that look wonderfully robust quietly walk around.

As we walk the golden road, we will reach the second gate.

This gate is located at the middle wall that separates the inner castle and the outer castle.

As we pass this second gate, there is a place like a mega size parking lot on earth. Here, numerous cloud-like automobiles are parked.

There is also the golden chariot among the cloud automobiles. This golden chariot has big diamonds and jewels that we cannot see on earth.

When this golden chariot flies in the sky, it will leave a mark of lights like a shooting star because of the big jewels. Its speed is also much faster than cloud automobiles.

And this golden chariot has just one seat, for the owner of this castle.

Those who visit this castle can ride the cloud automobiles here.

Cloud automobiles have four wheels and two wings.

They can run with the wheels on the ground and when they want to fly, the wings will come out and the wheels will go in like a landing gear.

With the cloud automobiles, the visitors can reach the main house very quickly.

The main house of this castle is as big as to be bigger than any building on earth. It is a 3-story building.

Each floor of the building is cylindrical shape, and the area of each floor becomes smaller as you go up from floor to floor. The roof is like an onion shaped dome.

The walls of the main house are made with pure gold and jasper.

So, the bluish light and the clear and transparent golden light give out such magnificent lights in harmony.

The light is so strong that it feels like the house itself is alive and moving.

The whole building gives out brilliant lights and it looks like it is spinning slowly.

This wall has various kinds of patterns. The whole building is connected as one, and it is like a piece of sophisticated sculpture. On the walls, God the Father Himself has inscribed some writings.

The writings are somewhat transparent and very soft. They keep on appearing and disappearing on the wall of jasper and gold.

God the Father has written there everything this son, the owner of this house, has done on earth with his love for the Father, without missing anything.

God has written every single moment in which he shed his sweat and tears for the Lord.

This main house has twelve gates to enter.

Because the size of the main house is so big, the distance from one gate to another is quite far.

The gates are arch shaped, and each one has an engraving of a picture of a key. Below the picture of the key is inscribed the name of the gate in the heavenly alphabet.

These letters are inscribed with jewels, and each gate is decorated with one kind of jewel respectively.

Below them are the explanations as to why each gate is named such.

God the Father has condensed what the owner of this house has done on earth and expressed it on the twelve gates.

The first gate is the ‘Gate of Salvation’. It has an explanation about how this owner became a shepherd of so many people and guided countless souls to salvation all around the world.

Next to the Gate of Salvation is the ‘Gate of New Jerusalem’.

Below the name of the gate is the explanation that the owner guided so many souls into New Jerusalem. Next is the ‘Gates of Power’.

First, there are four gates for the four levels of power, and then, there are Gate of Power of Creation and Gate of Most High Power of Creation.

On these gates are explanations about how each kind of power healed so many people and glorified God.

There is also Gate of Revelation, and this gate has the explanation that the owner received so much Revelation and explained the Bible very clearly.

There is also the Gate of Achievements. It is to commemorate the achievements like the construction of the Grand Sanctuary.

There is also the Gate of Prayer. This gate tells us about how this owner prayed with all his life to fulfill God’s will with his love for God, and how he mourned and prayed for the souls.

Lastly, there is a gate with the meaning of ‘Winning against the enemy devil, Satan’.

It has the explanation that the owner overcame everything with faith and love when the enemy devil, Satan tried to harm him and to put him into despair.

Let us now go into the inside of the main building through one of these gates.

The interior walls of the main house also have many paintings and writings in them. Let me introduce just one of them.

Even in this world, when we love somebody, some people repeatedly write the names of the person.

They write the name on a note or in diaries, on the beach, or even carved on trees or hewn [ ] in rocks. They don’t know how to express their love so they just keep on writing the name of the person they love.

In a similar way, there is a square shaped golden plate that has only three words.

The three words are: ‘Father’, ‘Lord’, and ‘Me’.

“Father, Lord, Me.”

The owner of the house couldn’t just express his love for the Father and the Lord with words. It shows his heart this way.

As we enter into the house through any of the twelve gates, we will reach the round and wide hall on the first floor.

This is a banquet hall where numerous people can have the parties.

The base of the floor is agate and it has various patterns made with various jewels to give out brilliant lights.

The ceiling has chandeliers made with many kinds of precious stones, placed in harmony. At the center of the ceiling is the big and luxurious-looking 3-tier chandelier.

At the outer rim of the ceiling are placed golden chandeliers of various sizes here and there to add to the beauty of the banquet hall.

At the center of the banquet hall is a round stage. Centering this stage will be jeweled tables in many layers.

Those who are invited to the banquet will sit on their seats according to the ranks of the heavenly kingdom and have cheerful conversations.

All the interior decorations of the house are made by God the Father Himself to best suit the tastes of the house owner.

Each jewel will have the delicate touch of God the Father.

Therefore, to be invited by the owner of this house and attend his banquet will be a great honor in the heavenly kingdom.

Now let us go up to the second floor. The second floor has many rooms.

Each room also contains the love of God who pays back according to what we have done.

A certain room has arrays of various kinds of crowns.

In this room are so many crowns of various kinds including golden crown, gold-decoration crown, crystal crown, pearl crown, flower wreaths, and many others.

The owner of this house receives so many crowns because he has given glory to God in accomplishing so many things on earth.

Other than this room of crowns, there is a room like a dressing room, that has many clothes and jewel decorations.

The clothes are arranged neatly in the big and wide room, and the angels take care of them very carefully.

Another room is a square shape without any particular decoration.

This room is called the room of prayer. The owner of this house enjoyed praying to God in a separate room.

God has made this room to show and commemorate those acts of the house owner.

Another room has many video monitors. This room is called ‘Room of Agony and Mourning’.

In this room, the house owner can watch the events that occurred at any time on this earth whenever he wants.

He can watch the time when he was working for God, when he was undergoing persecutions and hardships, and when he was shedding many tears for the souls.

God the Father has kept each step in the life of this house owner so preciously.

The second floor has another special space other than these rooms.

There is a meeting room where this house owner will meet and have fellowship with the prophets in the Bible.

The banquet hall on the first floor is the place to meet with ordinary believers, and this room on the second floor is like a VIP room.

Therefore, it is much more elegant and high quality than the banquet hall of the first floor.

For example, when Elijah, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, or the apostle Paul visit this house, they will be escorted to this room on the second floor.

They share the testimonies about how each of them accomplished God’s kingdom on earth. They give thanks and glory to God.

Now let us go up to the third floor. The third floor of this house is a very special place.

It’s a place for the house owner to meet with the Lord and the Father God exclusively.

It is a place where he can be very closely linked to the Father God who is in the fourth heaven and the Lord who stays in His castle.

Why would God the Father prepare such a special place?

It’s because the owner of this house loved God the Father and the Lord so much and missed them all the time.

Because this house owner loved the Lord so much, he modeled his life after the example of the Lord by reading about the walks of Jesus in the Four Gospels.

Also, just as the Lord Jesus served His disciples, he served and loved everybody. Also, he showed amazing and great works of God’s power like the Lord to show the evidence of the living God.

Still, he always had unbearable longing to meet the Lord, and he couldn’t get to sleep shedding so many tears.

Had he not borne the fruit of self-control, his tears wouldn’t have dried at all because of his love and longing.

Because the Father God knows this, He has made a place like this for this house owner to meet the Father and the Lord as much as he wants.

As his love was so much, how happy he would be when he sees the Father and the Lord in person!

If you really love somebody, you will not get bored even if you talk with that person for a long time.

The owner of this house can also have very close link with the Father and the Lord in this special space on the third floor and have cheerful and happy conversations endlessly.

Since this third floor is such a special space, the interior structure and decorations are more beautiful than any other place.

Not to mention the sophistication and splendor, it has a kind of light that is different from the light of the third heaven.

In the next session, I will talk to you about other buildings than the main house and various facilities.


Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, in this session I talked to you about some parts of the biggest house in the area of the Holy Spirit.

God the Father can give such tremendous rewards just for one person.

But we have to remember that God gives to us according to justice. Even for His one and only Son Jesus, He was lifted up as the King of kings and the Lord of lords as a result of obeying the will of God even to die on the cross.

Therefore, until the owner of this house receives these many rewards, he has to go offer up so much obedience and dedication. Not being compelled to do, but with so much love for the Lord, he volunteered to do all things.

As a result he will receive this kind of amazing love in heavenly kingdom as God said, “I love those who love Me, and those who diligently seek Me will find Me.”

Therefore, I hope you will love the Father God and the Lord with your deeds and truthfulness.

Why don’t you just love the Father and the Lord first more than anything and anybody in this world?

Then, you will surely receive unimaginable love from God the Father. The love of God the Father is perfect; it lasts forever not only on this earth but also in heavenly kingdom.

I pray in the name of the Lord that you will all be able to receive that love of the Father abundantly.


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