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    Luke 22: 30
    “…that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom, and you will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

    This is the 54th session of the ‘Heaven’ sermon series. In the last session, I talked to you about the houses of some prophets that are located in the area of God the Father in New Jerusalem.

    They were mostly the prophets who were used as God’s instruments in the Old Testament.

    But there have been some exceptional cases of people in New Testament times.

    They were Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary from the time of the Lord and the apostle Paul who lived in the time of the Holy Spirit. Their houses are also located in the area of the Father God.

    Because they are like the highest quality fruit of the human cultivation they entered into the area of the Father God.

    Today, I will talk to you about the area of the Lord.


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, our Lord came down to this earth and took on the fleshly human body. He experienced everything just like men. So, unlike the Father God, He has a castle in New Jerusalem.

    God the Father has only His throne in New Jerusalem. He usually stays in the fourth heaven and when He holds banquets, He comes down to this throne.

    The castle of the Lord is located on the right hand side and somewhat below the throne of God. At the center of the castle of the Lord is a building that has a massive golden roof.

    There are countless buildings of various shapes and colors that are centering on and spreading out from this place.

    In particular, above the massive dome shaped golden roofs we can see the crosses of glory that are surrounded with brilliant lights. This is to remember forever that all souls have reached the heavenly kingdom by the Lord’s taking the cross.

    The huge building at the very center is generally cylindrical in shape but there are some angular shapes as well.

    Because it is made by carving so many different kinds of jewels, the combination of lights that comes out from it looks like a rainbow.

    To have a comparison of the castle of the Lord with something on this earth, it looks like the St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia.

    But there is no building on earth that compares to the scale, materials and the size of this building.

    In the castle of the Lord, there are many other buildings in addition to this structure at the center.

    In closest proximity to the Lord are the houses of Peter, John, and James. The houses of other disciples are located just beyond them.

    Those who always walked with the Lord on earth also stay close to the Lord in heaven.

    It is as Jesus promised in Luke 22:30, “that you may eat and drink at My table in My kingdom, and you will sit on thrones judging the twelve tribes of Israel.”

    Also, from this we can feel the love of God the Father. He let those who love one another and who are spiritually closest to one another stay together in heaven, too.

    Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary loved the Lord so very greatly that, in their cases they also have houses that are actually in the castle of the Lord.

    Of course, they stay in these houses only during the time when they are invited by the Lord to stay.

    Their main houses are located in the area of the Father God, and the size of these houses is as big as huge castles. But here, we have to remember one thing.

    The reason why the disciples can stay close to the Lord in heaven is not only because they were physically close to the Lord on earth.

    As Luke 14:26-27 says, they gave up their father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, and even their own life, and they carried their own cross and followed the Lord to become His true disciples.

    Also as in Matthew 20:22-23, as the Lord took the cup of sufferings, the disciples also took the cup of sufferings. Namely, they preached the gospel with all their lives.

    Because of that kind of devotion they gained the qualification to eat and drink at the table of the Lord in heavenly kingdom, too.

    Brothers and sisters, in New Jerusalem there are many banquets of various sizes in addition to the banquets held by the Father God. There are banquets of the Lord, Elijah, Enoch, Abraham, Moses, and the apostle Paul.

    If you were to be invited to a banquet held by the Lord, it would be such a great honor.

    You can go into the castle of the Lord and enjoy happy times with the Lord.

    From this point on I will talk to you about being invited to the first banquet held by the Lord.

    Those who are invited to the banquet of the Lord will adorn themselves as the most beautiful of brides.

    It’s because our Lord is spiritually our bridegroom. When the brides of the Lord reach the gate of the castle of the Lord, two angels at either side of the main gate will receive them respectfully.

    The walls of the castle of the Lord are decorated with various kinds of precious stones and the top of the wall is decorated with beautiful flowers.

    And these flowers will give out a mild aroma for those brides of the Lord who have arrived at the gate.

    Then, when the brides of the Lord have been enraptured by the beautiful scent of the flowers covering their whole body, finally, the main gate will open.

    As they enter the castle of the Lord, they will be able to hear the soft and beautiful music that touches the deepest part of their spirit.

    As they hear this kind of praise, they will feel very comfortable and happy.

    They will also feel the billows of the love of the Father God who has guided them to that place.

    Angels will escort them until they reach the main building of the Lord’s castle that is seen at a distance.

    They will pass by so many beautiful buildings and gardens that are maintained in perfect harmony. As they walk on the golden road that is like clear glass, their hearts will be filled with the excitement of meeting their dear Lord.

    As they get close to the main building of the castle of the Lord, they will see the Lord who has come out to receive them.

    The moment they meet the Lord, tears will flood their eyes. They will run quickly as though they were flying to meet the Lord.

    With His arms wide open and with a gentle face full of love and mercy, the Lord will hug each of those who are invited.

    The Lord will welcome them saying, “Come! My beautiful brides, welcome!”

    Those who are welcomed so warmly this way will say, “Thank You truly for inviting me.” And they will make emotion-filled confessions at the bosom of their Lord. Then, they will walk about holding hands like real sweethearts.

    On the right side of the main building is a big round lake. It is like a reminder of Galilee on earth. The Lord will guide those who received His invitation into that place.

    He will explain in detail His heart when He was doing His ministry on earth and the situations. He did many works around the Sea of Galilee while He was on earth.

    It was there that He calmed the wind and sea, He walked on the water, and Peter let down his net into the deep. Many works of faith took place in the Sea of Galilee and around it.

    God the Father made this big lake in the castle of the Lord to commemorate these works. In this lake fish of various colors and shapes are swimming and shining brightly.

    There are also 153 fish that have the same color and shape.

    It is to commemorate the event described in John chapter 21. 7 disciples including Peter were fishing in the Sea of Galilee.

    They had worked with Jesus for the previous 3 years, but from the time that Jesus died, they began to fish again. But even though they fished the whole night, they couldn’t catch anything.

    And the resurrected Lord appeared to them. He told them to throw the net to the right side of the boat and they will get the fish.
    But in fact, they didn’t realize that it was the resurrected Lord. But still they listened to Him. Unlike before, we can see their ego or ‘self’ had disappeared.

    I also hope that you will also cast off your ‘self’ and have humble mind to be able to listen to even the little children.

    When Peter and the disciples obeyed His word, they caught so many fish, even to be unable to count the numbers.

    When they later brought the fish to the land and counted, it was 153.

    The Lord ate the roasted fish with the disciples.

    Then He gave advice to His disciples about the future ministry.

    He asked them not to catch fish for living but to catch men, namely to preach the gospel and save souls.

    Especially to Peter, He asked him ‘Do you love Me?’ three times. And He explained in figurative speech as to how to take care of the souls.

    The incident of 153 fish at Galilee is something that is unforgettable for both the Lord and His disciples.

    God the Father put these 153 fish in the big lake of the castle of the Lord to commemorate this forever.

    When the Lord and the believers who are invited by Him approach them, these fish even jump up to the air to do their tricks.

    And the scales of the fish will give out colorful and brilliant lights to give more joy and happiness to the people.

    The Lord will walk on the lake just like He did on earth. Then the invitees will stand around the lake and watch Him with joyful hearts.

    The Lord will explain to them in detail the situation when He walked on water on earth.

    Everyone will listen to the Lord with happiness, but one of them will feel somewhat embarrassed. Who would that be? Yes, it’s Peter.

    In Matthew 14:28-32 Peter boldly said to the Lord, “Lord, if it is You, command me to come to You on the water.”

    And when Jesus said, “Come!” Peter got out of the boat, and walked on the water.

    If you were he, would you be able to do it? Yet, Peter did it bravely.

    But seeing the wind he became frightened and began to sink. Immediately Jesus stretched out His hand and took hold of him, and said to him, “You of little faith, why did you doubt?”

    When the Lord explains the situation of that time in detail, Peter will feel somewhat embarrassed about that situation.

    But that embarrassment is different from embarrassment on earth. In heaven there is no evil but only goodness. Even when we say somebody is embarrassed, he has no pain in his heart.

    Also, in heaven, nobody embarrasses or humiliates anybody. Even when we see or hear somebody’s shortcomings that he had on earth, everyone will think and understand it in goodness.

    He will only give thanks to the Father God for guiding him to New Jerusalem who used to have such little faith.

    On the left side of the main building of the Lord’s castle is a big and beautiful museum.

    God the Father made it in a way that we can feel the traces of the Lord while He was on earth as they actually were. For example, the ‘Via Dolorosa’ is also made as it was.

    Via Dolorosa is the road of suffering that Jesus walked carrying the cross towards Golgotha. When we go on a pilgrimage, we visit this place most of the time.

    From the first point where Jesus was sentenced to death by Pilate to the 14th point where Jesus’ body was buried, each point has explanations on it.

    And it’s almost the same way for the Via Dolorosa made in the castle of the Lord in heaven. But it has more specific explanations than on earth.

    There are writings of the confessions that Jesus made in heart. I introduced to you some of those confessions of the Lord before, including the lecture on the gospel of John.

    At this time, I will introduce just a small part of it.

    “Father, it is not that the cross on my shoulder is heavy or that the thorns on my head are painful.

    Compared to the first time when I stepped on this land with You Father, this earth has changed and the hearts of men have changed; and this suppresses my heart.

    But soon, after these things are over, I believe that You will open this way, open the light for them, and shine that beautiful light on them by Your permission and with Your love. That is why I can take this way.

    Father, You are my last strength and my might. Father, do not feel sorry for the way I am taking or for the sufferings that I am taking.

    I am doing what I am supposed to do; I am only going my way to fulfill Your providence.

    Until the moment I breathe my last on earth, I will think about You, Father, and Your love. Father, I love You.”

    This heart of Jesus at that time is recorded in the decorations at Via Dolorosa. If you can walk around this place with the Lord, you will be able to hear from Him directly about that situation.

    He will explain in detail about why God the Father had to give Jesus such a duty; with what kind of attitude Jesus received that duty; what kind of heart Jesus had for His disciples who would remain on earth; and about His heart when He stood before the high priest and the court of Pilate.

    Those believers who listen to Him will make confessions of thanks from the depth of their heart. They will not be able to help but say, “My, Lord, you are truly my Savior.”

    In the castle of the Lord, there are many other things besides the museum.

    The cross on which Jesus was hung like one who is cursed is also made exactly as it was on earth. Also, the stable in Bethlehem, the birth place of Jesus, is also made exactly as it was.

    This museum has the reproduction of the things that can make us see and feel the traces of the Lord on earth.

    But that does not mean those reproductions are made with perishable wood or materials that have earthly smell.

    They are made with the heavenly materials but in such a way that we can feel they are just like earthly things.

    In the castle of the Lord is a special road. Usually the roads in New Jerusalem are roads of pure gold, but in the castle of the Lord are many roads of jewels here and there.

    These jewel-roads are made with beautiful precious stones.

    When somebody walks on them, the light of the jewels make him feel as if he is walking on water.

    The reason why God gave the Lord the roads of jewels is to console the Lord for walking the way of the cross.

    God the Father has remembered each act of the Lord and has repaid everything.

    It’s because each act of Jesus was done with the love for the Father.

    Therefore, those who visit the castle of the Lord even once will be so moved by the love of the Father and the Lord and give thanks and glory to God even more. In the next session, I will talk to you about the area of the Holy Spirit in New Jerusalem.


    Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, today, I explained to you about the area of the Lord in New Jerusalem.

    The castle of the Lord is located on the right hand side of the throne of God, and centering the main building are located the castles of Peter, John, and James.

    Then in the outer parts are located the castles of other disciples. Hearing this explanation, you should not think that some small houses are gathered around in a small town or something similar.

    It’s because even just the main building in the castle of the Lord is unimaginably big. And just the castle of Peter will be incomparably larger than any luxurious mansion on earth.

    In John 14:2-3 Jesus says, “In My Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go to prepare a place for you. “If I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and receive you to Myself, that where I am, there you may be also.”

    Do you also want to be where the Lord is, in New Jerusalem?

    Our Lord is preparing our heavenly houses like a groom will prepare a new house for his bride.

    Therefore, I hope you will surely enter into New Jerusalem.

    I also hope that you will be invited to the castle of the Lord, look around various places with Him, and make your confessions of thanks to Him.

    I pray in the name of the Lord that many of you will reach this glorious place in heaven.

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