Deaconess Jiwon Lee(Age 53, Parish 6)

After the Lunar New Year holiday in January 2023, I felt dizzy and tired and my back became stiff as well. On the 25th, the pain intensified, and it felt like needles were pinching my left waist. On the 28th, my symptoms worsened, and it was difficult to move my body. I found myself constantly lying down. On Sunday, January 29th, I was showering when I discovered fluid-filled blisters along my left waist and backside. I realized that I had shingles. After the evening service that same day, I received a prayer from Pastor Soojin Lee. When I got the prayer, the pain of burning sensations on my skin and being poked by needles subsided. As my symptoms eased, I was convinced that God was healing me.

From the next day on, I prayed day and night over the sermons of the Sunday worship service. I remembered I had hurt people around me and repented of my self-righteousness and self-centered frameworks of thought.

I tried hard to find my shortcomings in interacting with those around me. I repented of the wrong words I’d said and strived to correct my wordings. I shed many tears and was deeply moved as I realized God’s love who wanted me to change by truth and enter a better heavenly kingdom. Finally, on February 3rd, I woke up to miraculously find that there was no more pain and the area of my shingles had turned into scabs. Hallelujah! I give all thanks and glory to Father God of love, the Lord, and the Holy Spirit.

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