Senior Deaconess Jaehee Jung (Age 53, 11th Parish in Manmin Central Church)

In the spring of 2022, my right arm started hurting. The pain worsened and I even had difficulty in doing housework or simple activities and sometimes the pain would even wake me up mid-sleep. The hospital diagnosed it as frozen shoulder.
I also suffered from menopausal symptoms for two months. My heartbeat was so irregular and I cried grabbing the chest with anxiety. My skin tingled a lot, as if it was ripping apart, and I had the urge to run away to be free from the pain.
However, I figured the upcoming Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting and Divine Healing Meeting would be an opportunity to receive healing. I tried my best to please God and He poured down grace upon me like a waterfall.
On May 9, 2022, I fervently and earnestly prayed at the Vowed Daniel Prayer Meeting, and looking back on myself I repented on having ill feelings against someone. At that time I had eight months of ankle pain and found it difficult to walk. But I happily helped clean the church on May 26, and after that I found the pain had completely disappeared.
The next day, on May 27, I participated in the Divine Healing Meeting via GCN and when Acting Senior Pastor Soojin Lee told us to love even our enemies in her message, I was able to fully repent. During praise and worship time, I moved my right arm around and discovered it moved without any pain whatsoever. Anxiety disappeared and my heart felt at peace. Hallelujah!
I give all thanks and glory to Father God who gives us the best things in His love and justice, the Lord who heals us with His blood, and the Holy Spirit who guides us to the path of blessings and answers.

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