Psalm 127:3 2007-10-28

Today, I will tell you about God’s justice and love for the fruit of the womb.

The conception of new life is 100% controlled by God the Creator, the true God, and no other gods or foreign gods can control it. God’s 100% control over conception doesn’t mean that every time life is conceived, some people are normal and some are abnormal. The fruit of the womb is determined naturally according to the justice established by God, and God breathes the spirit into each living being.

  1. Causes of bad womb fruits

There are cases when babies are wrong from the womb, first when the baby is conceived, when defective seeds from the parents meet and become weak from conception or fertilization. These include genetic disorders such as Gaucher’s disease or chromosomal abnormalities such as Down syndrome. Second, it is a case in which the seed of life is normally formed, but is born weak due to the influence of the external environment while growing in the womb. Children who are born with mental retardation or various physical malformations or cannot see, hear, or speak from birth are often mistaken in the womb for this reason. In some cases, both can be the cause, such as autism.

In this world, when a baby is born weak with a deformity or a disability, genetic factors tend to be a factor, but in a family where God has been well-believed from generation to generation, this is unlikely to be the case. Also, among the members, there are quite a few testimonies that the fetus had a high level of Down’s syndrome but gave birth to a normal baby after receiving prayers in faith.

  1. Justice that brings forth the fruit of a bad womb

Because the number of saints is large, some of the saints give birth to a weak child, but in this case, what kind of justice was applied and not kept?

1) When the words of the parents’ lips become a great snare

Disasters and blessings come from the words of a person’s lips, and they also affect their children (Proverbs 18:21). So, what are some of the great snare words that will affect the unborn child? It is when the parents unknowingly or knowingly say something that is very sad before God, and it can affect the unborn child. For example, if a husband or wife provokes God by blaspheming the Holy Spirit, it directly affects the unborn child. In particular, this is often the case when a fetus is born due to a brain abnormality, and the words of the Lord who were guaranteed by God during pregnancy directly affected the fetus.

Even in the world, people with a good conscience do not judge or criticize others. How much more must the conscience be stained with evil if he slanders while seeing the power that is the sure evidence that God is with him? In addition, we can guess that we have accumulated many evils in our lives because we have become accustomed to judging and criticizing in our own evil. When you definitively blaspheme the Holy Spirit on top of this accumulated evil, if you become pregnant or if you are pregnant, it will have an effect on your unborn child.

Also, there are cases where the wall of sin becomes a big snare even though the words are small and affects the unborn child. For example, when a married couple speaks of bad things to the sky, they spread sad words before God. A couple quarreled and complained to God for nothing, and this became a snare and gave birth to a weak child.

Then, why do some people say things that are a big sin but don’t seem to be a big snare, and some people say things that are a small sin but they become a big snare and it is immediately revealed? If you have two 10-liter buckets, bucket 1 contains 1 liter of water and bucket 2 contains 9.5 liters of water. At this time, even if 1 liters of water is poured into bucket 7, it will not overflow, but bucket 2 will overflow even if only 1 liter is poured. In other words, No. 1 seems to have no effect on the outside even if it is filled with a much larger amount than No. 2, but it is greatly affected by No. 2 even though it is filled with a very small amount compared to No. 1.

This is also the case when people’s words become a snare and discipline or curse. Even the amount of iniquity accumulated before God from generation to generation is accurately measured and worked out in justice. Even if the ancestors did not know God, if they lived good lives, the accumulated sins would be less. This is exactly the case for bucket #1.

However, if there are many sins accumulated from generation to generation, even if the wall of sin speaks a small word, it immediately becomes a snare and can lead to disaster. In Genesis 15:16, God said to Abraham, “Your descendants will return to this land in the fourth generation, for the iniquity of the Amorites has not yet reached full control.” God had promised Abraham that his descendants would inherit the land of Canaan, so the inhabitants of that land must be driven out. However, God did not drive out the inhabitants of the land unconditionally for the sake of the people of Israel, but worked when sins accumulated enough to be judged and driven out. The people of Israel receiving the land of Canaan as a blessing and the people of that land being driven out were always connected with God’s justice.

Likewise, families with fragile children must have good reason. Even if a couple believes and loves God now, unresolved things they did before they believed in God could become a snare. For example, if you accidentally harmed your life when you were pregnant, you can give birth to a weak child and realize the preciousness of a life, and in such circumstances, you will become more trusting and relying on God, which may lead to spiritual blessings. Even though the words of small lips became a snare and gave birth to a weak child, the couple kept their faith by relying on God more because of the child.

2) If the sins accumulated from the ancestors are very great

It is not a simple idolatry, but a case of extreme idolatry, such as selling souls or contacting God. In addition, when very evil words are uttered toward the sky, such as resentment, complaints, and curses, or when a person commits atrocities that ordinary people cannot do, such as brutally taking people’s lives, it may be a curse on their descendants. do. The more these heinous sins overlap in our ancestors, the more they are connected to the cursed dimension.

For example, this is different from being weak, but there are cases where a woman was born with a body and a man in mind, or a man who was born with a body and a woman in mind. If you are born as a man, it is natural to follow the inclination of a man, but it doesn’t make sense to go against the law and live like a woman. If you are among those who believe in God, more important than whether your physical body is male or female is the soul and heart contained within. Therefore, if we diligently circumcise and cast off the lusts of the flesh, especially adultery, so that we have a pure heart, God recognizes him as a precious soul and saves us.

Mental retardation or autism is often the result of an excessive accumulation of words from the evil lips of our ancestors. Although the symptoms of autism become evident after the first year of life, it is important to know that autism already begins in the womb. Autism is sometimes due to ancestral sins, but we also need to look at how the parents felt during pregnancy. In some cases, children have autism because they harbor evil because they have experienced many sad things in a poor environment, or because they are despairing and frustrated, or because they say things that hurt God.

This autism is spiritually captivated by the child’s mind and is confined within a confines of a confines of the child’s mind, preventing him from thinking or acting freely from an early age. The average person thinks, speaks, and acts freely among the free will that God has given, and the mental age increases along with the growth of the body. In autism, free will is extremely low. From the beginning, the mind is locked in a limited frame and cannot think or act further. Even though the body grows, it cannot find its own form and cannot communicate with other people.

In order to solve this problem, there is a big wall between them and God until they become autistic, so parents need to break down that wall by fasting and earnestly clinging to God all night. The surest way is to find the heart of a child who is in captivity when parents enter into the spirit and receive prayers from the servant of power. Among the lights of power, the blue light contains the power to defeat the forces of darkness, so it is possible to cast out demons and defeat autism.

However, if autism is caused not only by the wall of sins accumulated by the parents but also by the sins accumulated from the ancestors, it is not easily solved even if the parents earnestly seek them. In 12 Samuel XNUMX, David is warned by the prophet Nathan for taking Bathsheba and putting her husband, Uriah, to death at the hands of a Gentile. That is, the child born to Bathsheba would die. David fasted and prayed to God all night, but the child died after seven days. Like Hezekiah, even if you repent of your sins and earnestly ask God, there are cases where you cannot be healed in justice. In other cases, if you repent and pray like Hezekiah with tears, your life will be extended.

However, if you believe in the eternal kingdom of heaven, living on this earth for a long time is not a blessing, and fading early is not a bad thing. It is not that we should give up just because we entrust ourselves to God, but that we should continue to pray in faith that God will work together for good, but we should be able to give thanks only for the results.

Dear saints,
The fundamental reason that God gave His children as an inheritance is that He wants us to fully understand God’s deep heart and to fully resemble His heart while raising children. If you are living a difficult life because of your weak children, please take comfort in the fact that God the Father knows all the pain and suffering. God has no choice but to allow weak children through justice, but I pray in the name of the Lord that you and your children’s souls can enter the path of God’s blessing by persevering in true hope.

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