Title: God’s Justice and Love (1)
Bible: Deuteronomy 5: 9-10 2007-10-28

Today, I will testify about God’s justice in the treatment of diseases and how God does not rule only with justice, but works together for good by applying love.

Just as all the laws of nature in this world operate according to certain laws, there are certain laws of the spiritual realm in the spiritual realm. All these laws are collectively called ‘justice’. Justice is like a mathematical formula. By substituting the cause of something into justice, you can guess the result, and by substituting the result into justice, you can figure out the cause.

God created the world according to this justice and has brought it to this day, and everything is related to justice. From a small individual’s lucky charm to the rise and fall of a country at a large scale. The reason God established justice in this way is to show perfect love. The law of justice seems to be very strict when considering each and every one of them, but in fact, perfect love can only appear when this justice is fully observed.

1. God’s Justice and Love in General in the Healing of Diseases

Let’s look at God’s justice and love for the ‘healing of diseases’ in many situations. If you observe the saints, you can see that most of them are healed when they come to church for the first time and receive prayers from me after they have prayed for all their diseases or have completely repented of their sins.

On the other hand, there are cases in which disease or infirmity cannot be cured even after many years of prayer and persistence. Even though they seem to have repented of their sins diligently and did their best to lead a life of faith, they did not receive treatment, so they fell ill and passed away early or were still in a weak state. God does not unconditionally grant the power of healing as he wants, but when it is in line with justice. This is because God himself thoroughly keeps the justice that God has established.

2. The general justice of disease – the cause of disease is sin

In order to be healed of diseases by God’s power, what kind of justice must we conform to God’s justice? Exodus 15:26 says, “If I, the LORD, obey the word of the LORD, do what is right in my sight, and obey my commandments and keep all my ordinances, I will not bring upon you one of all the diseases that I have brought upon the Egyptians. It is the Lord.” These are the words of God’s justice that allow us to know the most fundamental cause of disease.

Here, ‘all diseases I inflicted on the Egyptians’ is a generic term for all diseases, and it is God’s promise to protect them from any disease if they live according to the Word, and it is a law of justice regarding diseases. Also, conversely, if you have a disease, you can see that the cause is that you did not live according to the Word of God.

Therefore, if you want to be healed by God’s power, you must first solve the cause of the disease. When we confess to God that we have not lived according to God’s Word and repent completely, we receive forgiveness of sins according to the words of “The blood of Jesus will cleanse us from all sins” (1 John 7:XNUMX). Then God can give you His power to heal your sickness and weakness.

If you have been cured of your disease by the power of God in this way, you must not sin again. After healing the 38-year-old man, Jesus said, “Behold, you are well; sin no more, so that nothing worse happens” (John 5:14). It is because it is the justice of God that if you forsake God’s grace and love and commit sins again, you may get more serious diseases than before. This is God’s general justice on disease, and in most cases, people get sick or receive treatment according to this justice.

3. When special justice in relation to disease applies

There are cases where special justice is applied rather than this general justice. Of course, “sin is the cause of all diseases” falls under the justice, but if you look more closely, it is a case of illness or weakness due to the sins of your family or ancestors, not your own.

1) If it is due to the crime of a family bound by spiritual cords

First, the reason disease comes because of the sins of the family is that the person who has the disease is bound by a spiritual bond with the family who has sinned. Usually, there are spiritual bonds between husband and wife or parents and children, but in rare cases there are also spiritual bonds between brothers.

A few years ago, even though I was a faithful and loyal worker at this church, there were several cases where I fell ill due to illness. Judging from the beliefs of the parties, the reason they took advantage of the disease was because their husband or children had committed a great sin that angered God.

This does not mean that if one member of the family commits a crime, the family will be punished for it. If you are unable to let go of the person who has sinned from your heart and pray with a certain clue, this will be tied with a spiritual bond and you will pay the price instead. Even if your husband or children practice untruths, if they completely entrust them to God, God can work in God’s way. However, I couldn’t let go of my husband or children and kept holding on to them, so that was the result.

Even in this case, God can heal the sick person if the sinful family repents and turns away from their sins before the person with the disease crosses the limit of the life line. There are cases where you take someone who is tied with a string.

Some say, ‘Isn’t it too unfair to suffer from a disease and even die because of a family member who has committed a crime?’ You might think, but it’s not necessarily the case. This is because God does not judge only by the standard of justice, but adds love to it. For example, instead of giving a husband who sinned because of his sick and suffering wife a chance to repent and reach salvation, the sick person can also enter a better heaven by looking after himself in the pain of disease. you have given There were times of suffering due to disease, but by working together for good, he bore valuable fruit.

2) In case disease or weakness comes to the descendants due to the sins of the ancestors

In Deuteronomy 5:9, God said that if we committed the sin of idolatry, which God hates the most, we would pay for the sin and pass from father to son to the third and fourth generations. When God’s wrath extends to the third or fourth generations, it is not just idolatry in the sense of a simple meaning, but a case of extreme idolatry, such as worshiping idols from generation to generation or inviting demons to interact with them.

In this way, if the accumulated evils from generation to generation reach a certain generation of the descendants and become full, the curse will come upon them. It means that children with incurable, incurable diseases and infirmities are born, or troubles in the family do not end. A child with a congenital disability is born, or an alcoholic or mentally ill come from a family that has worshiped idols for generations.

When a person born into such a family tries to believe in God, we can see that the spiritual hindrance is more severe. Satan keeps evoking the thoughts of the flesh, preventing us from having true faith and causing us to fall into drowsiness during the worship service. So, in order to have true faith, people born into this kind of family must put in a lot more effort than other people. As much as we put our efforts to strip off the flesh and form the heart of the spirit, we will not be affected by the enemy devil and Satan.

In this way, if the descendants face difficulties due to the sins of the ancestors, it may be considered unfair from the point of view of the descendants. However, the fact is that everyone has the opportunity to believe in God, and it is up to each individual’s will to seize and not seize the opportunity. Even if our ancestors worshiped idols and were born into a cursed family, those who truly believe in God have nothing to do with the curse placed on their family.

Recently, a young son passed away without being cured of his disease. This son and his family came from neighboring countries to be healed by faith, earnestly clinging to God, and I prayed while fasting. Still, God said that he had no choice but to take his son because he crossed the line of justice. Because this family also worshiped idols from generation to generation, and the wall of sin built up before God was very large. Since there were so many things accumulated from the ancestors, their faith and sowing was not enough to bring down God’s answers, and the young son eventually died.

Then, wouldn’t it be unfair for this son to die prematurely after suffering from a disease due to the sins of his ancestors? It is the fact that God has fully repaid his son and family for what he has done so that all things work together for good in love. When he first came to the altar he saw, he only had faith that he would be saved and go to paradise, but he brought him to the level of faith that could see the second heaven. that’s what you were told.

Also, because of this son, the whole family has been evangelized, so that they have a sure hope for the kingdom of heaven and a fuller faith. Although they were not healed in justice, God gave them more true and better things through the works of faith they planted in God. It is the fact that God the Father applies exact justice, but also covers them with love so that they work together for good in all things.

Dear saints,
I hope that God’s good love like this will be poured into your hearts and live a life worthy of justice with the power of that love. So, I pray in the name of the Lord that you will receive amazing blessings and answers both physically and spiritually.

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