[Haggai 2: 9]
‘”The latter glory of this house will be greater than the former’, says the LORD of hosts, ‘and in this place I will give peace,’ declares the LORD of hosts.”


Dear brothers and sisters, and guests, Let us give all thanks and glory to God the Father who has been with us until this 34th anniversary of Manmin Central Church. I give thanks to all the guests who are here to celebrate with us, and I welcome you all. I also give thanks to all those members and viewers who are attending on GCN and the Internet. May God who has been with our church until now be with all of you too, I pray for this in the name of the Lord.

Every matter in the world has its peak. There is the high moment of life, or the full bloom of flowers. Everything has the best moment. And our church is entering such an era. It refers to the 3rd stage of takeoff that began in 2010. Especially, this year in which we have the 34th anniversary is the year to begin the full-scale 3rd stage of takeoff.

Of course, we will continue to have this peak time until we receive the Lord. The work we’ve been doing in the 1st and 2nd phases will be unfolded greatly in the 3rd stage of takeoff. We will reap abundant fruits and wrap up the end of human cultivation.

In 2002, we set many records of the most and biggest crusade in the predominantly Hindu country, India. I believe many of you who were there still remember the emotional scene of the crusade. It was held on Marina Beach, and the crowd was endless. Such a big stage was filled with people who came out to give their testimonies.

Our enemy devil and Satan devised an extreme measure, which was a law against forced conversions, in order to disturb the crusade, but it was useless before the power of God. India crusade also carried another meaning. It was to reclaim the blood of Thomas who was martyred there. Since the crusade, we hear Christianity in India was empowered.

In 2003, we had a crusade in St. Petersburg, Russia, as one of the official celebration events of the 300th anniversary of the city. God said this crusade was a very important one in regard to the returning of the gospel to Israel. As God said, it really provided the foundation and support for our missionary works in Israel. Many Russians who had lived under Communism for a long time were melted down by spiritual messages and the power of God, and there were many testimonies of divine healing. The power of God was made known even to the intellectuals of Russia.

In 2004, we had a crusade in Germany, which is like the heart of Europe. It had the spiritual meaning that God was giving the European Union one last chance and grace for Germany to demolish a wall of sin regarding Israel. The crusade was held in Europe where the flame of Christianity has been almost put out and in the wealthy country of Germany, but the people acknowledged God before His powerful works. The crusade was broadcast to neighboring countries via television, and there were many testimonies not just in the meeting location but also from those who were healed through TV broadcasting. The Germany crusade was one last chance given by God to the EU.

We also had a crusade in Peru in 2004. It was special in many ways. I had a meeting with the Peruvian president, and the crusade was publicized by many local television stations and the press. Our staff appeared in one of the most popular shows and talked about the crusade.

Many people helped or supported the crusade, and it included Yiye Avila, a very famous Pentecostal Evangelist in Latin America, and some army generals of Peru also provided personal bodyguards. The local TV stations and press were eager to talk about this crusade. We even had a meeting with the president of a broadcasting company. The president of the majority party, congressmen, and mayors attended the crusade and helped me, too.

I had a special experience during the crusade. While many people came up to the stage and gave their testimonies, a certain news gathering team asked for an interview with me. They said they were from Univision in Miami. It was a spur-of-the-moment situation for them to ask for an interview with me without prior arrangements. Seeing what was happening on the stage, the reporter directly asked me, “What is the secret?”

I asked back, “The secret of what?” and she said, “What is the secret in so many people getting healed?” I explained, “There is Heaven and Hell in the life after death, and so many people are going to Hell without knowing it. God gave me power to heal so many people so that many people can believe in the Lord and can go to Heaven.”

They asked another question. “We heard in the radio that AIDS was healed through your prayer, and is it true?” So I replied as follows: “Of course, it is true. God is almighty, and not only AIDS, but any kind of disease can be healed.” And at that moment, God showed something that could guarantee my words.

Right after the interview was over, a woman testified that she was healed of AIDS. Due to AIDS, she had pain until before the prayer, but after the prayer, the pain was gone. She couldn’t walk before, but her legs were strengthened and she could walk now. Later I found out that God let her give her testimony at that exact timing.

She was trying to come up to the stage but she couldn’t because of so many people. Then she was noticed by some pastors and staff of our church because she looked very eager. She was finally allowed on the stage and gave her testimony, and it was exactly when the reporter asked me the question about AIDS.

We had a united crusade in DR Congo in 2006, with the help and support of the president and the government. I had a meeting with the president, and through this, the president gave the permission to block the busiest road in the city to hold the crusade there.

And in this crusade, God controlled the number of attendants through rain. Because a much bigger crowd gathered than what the organizers or the church staff expected, God had to control the number of attendees by allowing rain.

Nevertheless, the place was packed with people and divine healing works were also overflowing. One of the organizers of the crusade said as follows: “In this crusade, I’ve seen the things that I could only read in the Bible, and it’s such a great blessing that the miracles that happened at the time of the Lord also took place in Kinshasa. I was so surprised that a woman who was sitting next to me began to shout saying she could suddenly see the lights. Rev. Jaerock Lee is such a great man of God. I had a chance to shake hands with this man of God three times, and it was great blessing, too.”

In the same year, we held another crusade in New York City in the United States. It was also God’s love, giving the Americans the last chance to recover their faith. It was held in the world-renowned arena, Madison Square Garden. It set the record for the number of countries where the event was broadcast through various TV networks.

We also received a plaque of appreciation and citation from New York State Senate, New York State Assembly, and New York City Council. It was also an event through which high quality Christian culture was shown all over the world. It also received great applause from people.

This crusade also raised the name of our church and me, and had many positive effects on broadcasting ministry in our world evangelism. For the 3 years from 2007 to 2009, I focused on evangelism in Israel, which is one of our church’s main missions at the end time. I travelled through all corners of Israel and testified about our Savior Jesus Christ and the power of God in the fiery works of the Holy Spirit.

The 3-year ministry in Israel ended with a united crusade. It had tremendous impact in Israel and the impact of this crusade will play a crucial role in fulfilling the providence of God toward the Jews until the Lord comes back.

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

As a result of unceasing effort for the 10 years in the 2nd phase, news about Manmin and me was spread all over the world so that most of those who love God and long for the truth could know about us. All this was a plan of God to let us prepare for the 3rd stage of takeoff where much greater fruit would be harvested.

Also, in 2010, which was the beginning year of the 3rd stage of takeoff, through the Estonia crusade, God let us feel who we were fighting against in this end time. It was the power of the antichrist.

I and Manmin have to save many souls who are falling under the influence of the antichrist. That is why we must reveal the glory of God at the end time. For this, from 2010 to the first half of this year, God let us be fully prepared for this 3rd stage of takeoff.

Now, what kinds of fruits will we bear to reveal the glory of God in the 3rd stage of takeoff where we’ll be fulfilling the providence of end time?

The ministry of the 3rd phase, in short, will be ministry conducted through the power of re-creation. The beginning of it is to change the hearts of men through love that transcends justice. What we absolutely need in the 3rd phase are many spiritual warriors who are of spirit and whole spirit.

Men of spirit are those who have no evil in their heart, and men of whole spirit are those whose spiritual hearts are filled with the truth. In order to make these spiritual warriors who have cultivated heart of spirit and whole spirit, God has been changing the heart of all members.

First, He gave us the chance of forgiveness for us to repent of and turn from our sins. He let us confess all the sins that couldn’t be forgiven according to justice and that had been hidden deep in our hearts so that we could completely cast off all the fleshly lives we lived in the past. Until the members could turn from sins and evil to long for spirit and to change, I had to pay the price of justice through my sacrifice of taking up sufferings, as the shepherd who is in charge of the flock.

I willingly took the burden. I did not put any limit to it thinking like, “This much is enough,” or “I’ll do this just for one year.” I just wanted to endure until whatever the end was, only if it could change just one more soul. And finally, I could see men of spirit and whole spirit for whom I’d been so eagerly waiting to come forth.

And many more began to long for spirit and to take after the heart of God the Father, and not fleshly and perishable things. Then the flow of spirit became very rapid. The standardization of spirit was achieved and there came forth the flow of whole spirit, too.

Many members came to have burning passion and determination to cultivate a heart of whole spirit and not just heart of spirit. Along with this spiritual flow of the members, God has been increasing the fruits of His power manifested in this church as well.

Meanwhile, God the Father let me manifest the works of power of re-creation, which was at a different level than that in the past. God let the church members partake in this flow by trusting their shepherd.

Then, let me tell you about a couple of the fruits of the power of re-creation.

In our church, since the opening we’ve had so many members who received the blessing of conception through my prayer. Furthermore, sometimes the fetuses’ genders were changed or prenatal defects like Down’s syndrome were healed through prayer.

But as the power of re-creation came in effect, such works began to show explosively, even sometimes transcending time and space. We receive testimonies of divine healing that take place all over the world merely by my prayer on the pulpit during the worship services. The level of divine healing works for the church members also became different.

In the past, we could see explosive and great works of power only in overseas crusades, but we can see them in the summer retreats every year. Just by the prayer on the stage, so many believers who came from all over the world are healed of their diseases and infirmities. They fill up the stage to give glory to God through their testimonies. In the summer retreats every year, God is showing a preview of the full-scale ministry of the 3rd stage of takeoff which will be done with the 100% of the power of re-creation.

He split open such thick layers of clouds that reached a dozen kilometers to stop the heavy rain and showed us clear sky and stars. One day before the retreat, God once drove away a strong typhoon and let us have the retreat without any problems.

Especially, the summer retreat held this year by itself was the space of the Creator God the Father. We could feel the spiritual space of Heaven on this earth. We saw that all the weather conditions were set at the optimal level for each event. The temperature, humidity, rain, wind, and sunlight were controlled to give us the optimal weather conditions.

Through prayer for the sick, many eye diseases or problems were cured, and many other diseases and infirmities were also healed, and they gave glory to God with their testimonies. Seeing these works, we could feel that the 100% of the power of re-creation, which is absolutely necessary for the 3rd stage of takeoff, was very close.

Dear brothers and sisters, and guests,

As we’ve had this flow of whole spirit from 2010 until now, the most important thing God gave to us Manmin is ‘trust and love’. Those who have been riding on the flow of spirit well will be able to speak as in one voice.

Some say, “I received power to practice the word when I believed in the power of the shepherd that guarantees God’s word.” Others say, “When I engraved in my heart the love of the shepherd who sheds tears for me, my love for the world disappeared.” Still others say, “I couldn’t do it with my own strength, but I could do it when I relied on the 99% of the justice that the shepherd filled up.”

What they say is the guidance of God the Father given to this church. It’s because we’re in need of pastors, workers, and members who have true trust in the shepherd. Now, there are numerous members who only go forward toward Heaven being with the Father, the Lord, and the shepherd.

This march of faith is founded on trust that cannot be severed by anything. And this trust comes from love. God wanted the members to have such a relationship with their shepherd so that they could glorify the Father through the kind of ministry that is beyond our imagination in the 3rd phase of takeoff

I believe the pastors who are here understand very well how important trust and love is between the pastor and the members in ministering a church. If the church is filled with members who only obey the messages preached and serve the church and the pastor, the kingdom of God will be accomplished greatly.

For this to happen, first, the minister has to supply to the flock the love of God and the Lord. Then, the souls that are changed by the love will trust the shepherd and become faithful for the kingdom of God. And I’d like all the pastors here to become full of love.

Brothers and sisters, the time has almost come. It’s the time to cover this country and the whole world with the power of re-creation and the holiness gospel and reap the fruit of glory. For this, God led us to make all the necessary preparations. I urge you to become main players in the history of Manmin in the 3rd stage of takeoff, which will manifest even greater works.

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