Subject : By Faith that He is the Rewarder 2000-03-12

Text: Hebrews 11:6

Today, I want to testify about how to look to the rewarding God, become faithful and devoted workers in all things, and enter a position of glory that shines like the sun.

1. In order to receive the heavenly reward, one must fulfill the mission entrusted to them by faith.

Even in the world, those who have clear dreams and goals in life can see their eyes shining and living a life full of vitality. Also, if a child does a good deed and receives praise, he/she will work harder for it. Likewise, those who believe in a righteous God who has the hope of heaven and repays them according to their deeds in their religious life do not spare their time, material, or even their lives, and work diligently for the Lord’s work.

Hebrews 11:6 says, “Without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He exists, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.” In other words, only faith pleases God, and this faith becomes the backbone to lead a right life of faith, and only when we carry out our mission well, we will be given a reward in heaven. Even if we study the forebears mentioned in the Bible, we can see how they pleased God with their faith.

For example, Moses, a man of God, gave up his position as a prince and enjoyed suffering with God’s people (Hebrews 11:25-26). In addition, Abraham longed for his hometown in heaven, which was better than the pleasures and resting places of this world, so he left his native relatives and his father’s house and set out on the road of a wanderer (Gen 12:1). There was (Hebrews 11:19). And seeing that Jesus would be seated at the right hand of the throne of God, he came to this earth in the form of a servant and was obedient to the point of death (Philippians 2:7-8).

In this way, if we have true faith in us, we will look to the rewarding God, and through this faith we will cast away our sins with joy and become faithful with all our lives for the kingdom and righteousness of God. Anyone like this will go to heaven, receive the crown of righteousness, and live in a place of glory that shines like the sun.

2. Because we believe in a God who rewards, we need to carry out our mission well

In Hebrews 12:1, the apostle Paul likened Christians to ‘runners running for a prize’. This was to encourage us to run vigorously in the good race of faith while looking at the reward in heaven to be given in the future, just as a racer must run with a clear sense of purpose and do their best.

But even if you run fast at first, what if you give up halfway because you feel tired and tired? As Matthew 24:13 says, “He who endures to the end will be saved.” Only when we complete the race set before us can we receive the reward God has prepared for us.

Then, what should we do in order to reach the seat of glory by faithfully carrying out our mission by believing in the one who rewards him like this?

First, you must be a good worker who fully trusts, believes, and obeys the Lord.

Here, trusting and trusting in the Lord can be manifested in what we do to the visible servants of the Lord whom God has established for Him.

As John 12:44-45 said, “He who believes in me does not believe in me, but he believes in him who sent me; and he who sees me sees him who sent me.” Because he is the one who acts according to the truth, believing in Jesus is the same as believing in God in the end.

Also, just as God led the people of Israel to the land of Canaan flowing with milk and honey through Moses, even today, God is leading us to the beautiful kingdom of heaven through His beloved servant. Those who realize this spiritual order, trust, believe, and obey the Lord’s servant just as a sheep hears the voice of the shepherd and comes out, it will bear abundant fruit and give glory to God.

This can be seen well by looking at the many workers who helped the apostle Paul’s ministry in the early church. There were many co-workers around the Apostle Paul, but the one whom he loved the most and recognized as the true son in the faith was Timothy. He was called to accompany Paul on his missionary journey, and he not only participated in suffering for the gospel until the end, but when the Apostle Paul planted a church and left, he took on a precious mission to look after the churches and strengthen them in the truth according to his teachings. .

The reason that Timothy was sent to the Philippian church to inspect the church and to report the church’s condition accurately is because Timothy understood not only the church’s circumstances but also Paul’s feelings better than anyone else (Philippians 2:19-20). . In other words, he was chosen for a precious work that was a source of strength for both the church and the apostle Paul.

Likewise, in the church today, we need workers who can examine the condition and circumstances of the church with the same heart as Timothy. I need a sincere and good worker who can find and devote myself to what I can do for the church, rather than a person who stands from afar and watches like a spectator when it is not their job.

Some people say they believe in God, but they put their own work ahead of God’s work, so you can see that they are not zealous in fulfilling their duties in the church. However, it is said that Paul’s son, Timothy, who was born by faith, not only devoted himself to work for the Lord Jesus Christ, but devoted himself to the gospel to the end and was later martyred.

In this way, if you love God from the heart and believe in a God who rewards you more, no matter how small the task entrusted to you, you will be able to carry it out with all your heart. If you visit the flock, you will not only do it out of genuine love for the soul, but also do it with joy and gratitude from the heart when you pray for neighbors in need or pray. When you do these big and small things with faith, hope, and love, you must know that God will reward you with rewards and fruits.

Also, we must remember that until Timothy came out as the true son of the Apostle Paul, there was a process of refining and laboring together for the gospel just like a child did to a father (Philippians 2:22). When Paul suffered all kinds of persecution, such as being beaten and imprisoned, some people turned their backs on their own interests and turned to the world, but Timothy, the son of faith, suffered all the hardships like the apostle Paul. When faced with a difficult situation, we prayed together and prayed with tears of mourning for the church and the saints. This must have given the Apostle Paul great strength.

Second, we must be able to receive the voice, guidance, and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

When a ship sets sail, the most important thing is that the captain, who moves the rudder, knows exactly where the ship should go and the route it will take. That way you can avoid places with reefs and move your boat along the fastest way to get to your destination safely.

The same is true of the spiritual realm. The head workers of the church are like the spiritual leaders who must lead the whole church, so they must always know where God’s will is. Otherwise, you are like a captain who doesn’t know where to turn the bow, and he or his companions may lead them astray as well as the wrong way, leading to death (Matthew 15:14).

Therefore, if we are entrusted with a precious mission before God, it is most important to change all our thoughts and thoughts into spirit, not flesh, in order to receive the voice, guidance, and guidance of the Holy Spirit. Only when we see as good, hear as good, think as good, and pray to receive the fullness of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Spirit who indwells us moves our hearts to understand the will of God the Father and delicately guides where we need to go. is what you do.

However, if we want to hear the voice of the Holy Spirit accurately, we must quickly cast away any form of evil, do not do what God has told us not to do, discard what God has told us to do, discard what God has told us to do, do what God has told us to do, and keep it. You must cultivate your heart in the spirit by keeping what you have said and doing it. This can also be seen through the forefathers of faith in the Bible.

You can see that Samuel, who became the judge of Israel after Eli’s priest, communicated with God through prayer all the time. When the nation was in crisis during the war with the Philistines, Samuel gathered at Mizpah and saved the nation from hardship by encouraging the people to fast and repent (1 Samuel 7:5-6). Also, when the people wanted a king, they first prayed before God to let him know where God’s will was, and even after Saul was called to be king, he preached the word of Jehovah God and urged him to obey it.

In addition, we see that the Apostle Paul of the New Testament, after being called to be a servant of Christ, first went to Arabia to communicate with God. Also, his plan was to go to Asia and preach the gospel, but Paul, realizing the will of the Holy Spirit through a vision, gave up on evangelism in Asia and went to Macedonia to evangelize Europe. This was the way to evangelize the world. And even though I was imprisoned, I was able to find out what the circumstances and problems of each church were because God informed me, and then I was able to build a strong church by preaching the word of God through correspondence.

In 1 Corinthians 3:9, we who have been entrusted with the mission are expressed as co-workers with God. Indeed, if you are a co-worker with God, you must find and obey what God wants and what pleases you more, moment by moment, rather than doing it with your own will and thoughts when building the kingdom of God.

In addition, when making any plans, you must be able to discern God’s will. For example, God wants to go to A, but what if we use human thoughts to go to B? Since the Holy Spirit cannot work that much, no matter how earnest and faithful you are, you cannot bear fruit. Of course, both A and B belong to God, and even if it is not against the truth, God’s guaranteed work will be revealed if we follow and obey what pleases God in a timely manner.

For example, when we are trying to accomplish great things in the church, we see that God is pouring out greater grace and fullness to those who pray in obedience to the voice of the Holy Spirit or to those who visit and evangelize diligently. In this way, even if no one gives instructions, those who are awake will receive the same work of the Holy Spirit and will fully fulfill the will of God the Father. Therefore, above all, those in the head should be able to do everything in accordance with God’s heart, mind, and will by always working hard in prayer, and glorify God with abundant fruit.

Through today’s Word, I pray that you will become a good worker who fully trusts, believes, and obeys the Lord, as well as the bright voice, guidance, and guidance of the Holy Spirit, so that you can fulfill your duties well and become a blessed saint who will be praised by the Lord in the future. bless you with

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