Deaconess Hyangsook Kang (Age 62, the 14th Parish)

After meeting Manmin, we became a blessed family. Through the prayer of Dr. Jaerock Lee the Senior Pastor, my eldest son, a military officer, was promoted from sergeant to sergeant first class, and my younger son, a grade 7 civil servant, was blessed to work at the Municipal Korean Traditional Music Center. My husband, Deacon Heecheol Koh, who runs a business in the construction industry, is full of works after giving the whole tithes.
In particular, this year’s pepper farming had a great harvest. Actually, we had rice paddies that we bought three years ago, but we couldn’t farm them. The road to the paddy field belonging to our land was too narrow for a car to enter, and we could only enter through another owner’s land, but the owner did not allow us to pass, so we could not farm.
We thought it was important to be at peace with him even though we couldn’t farm, so we waited until he opened his heart. Then, with the help of a neighbor who felt sorry for this, we were able to get his permission. However, there was one problem when we were actually trying to farm.
The rice paddy field collapsed and had to be repaired, but we didn’t have the construction cost of 5 million won. I prayed earnestly before God. And within a few days, we got more than 10 million won in an unexpected way.
God prepared it in one form or another, such as allowing my husband to receive the money he had been giving up to receive so far.
In this way, the rice planted in the paddy fields that had been repaired by God’s grace did well, and in particular, the pepper farming achieved a great harvest.
It was thanks to the fact that my husband went through the furrows and let them hear the sound of the Senior Pastor’s prayer for the sick every day. My husband, who felt the difference between when he let them hear the prayer and when he did not, was excited and went to every furrow and let it hear the Senior Pastor’s prayer.
As a result, the pepper tree grew more than 2 meters, the peppers abundantly grew, and the branches were so heavy that they bowed their heads. It was like standing in a pepper forest, not a pepper field. People around us ask how we grew peppers so well.
The secret is the prayer of our Senior Pastor. I give all thanks and glory to God the loving Father who is with us now and wants to give good things to His children.

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