Cynthia (Lahore of Pakistan, 17)

It was on June 15th 1999 when I was 7. All of a sudden I started to vomit intensely. I got well after my father prayed for me. So he considered it was not a big problem. But a few days later, I started to vomit again and suffered from diarrhea. I even coughed out blue, green and yellow stuff and had a bloody stool. My belly became very hard and I felt a severe pain.
I was hospitalized in the Rasheed Hospital and I was diagnosed with Celiac disease. The surgery was impossible because my body was very weak and weighed only 11 kg. I could neither eat anything nor move my body.

My family offered fasting prayers, and church members prayed for me as well. My elder sister, who stayed in Korea at that time, went to Manmin Central Church with a desperate heart and received Dr. Jaerock Lee’s prayer on my picture. At the very moment a miraculous thing happened to me.
It was exactly 10:50 Friday night on July 23, 1999 in Korean time (7:50 PM in Pakistani time (Daylight saving time)). I was healed at the same time when Dr. Jaerock Lee prayed for me in Seoul. Hallelujah!

From that time on I began to have stools. And the intestines became normal. I left the hospital just 3 days after the prayer. The doctors were surprised as well and praised God. I started eating food and recovered my health and I could walk without any help after 3 months.
Currently, I am in my first year of high school and I am in good health. My dream is to be a doctor and to glorify God with my testimony.
I give thanks to God who miraculously healed me in the name of Jesus Christ through Dr. Lee’s prayer.

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