Praise the Lord!
I am Sarla(Age 38) from Tamil Nadu, India. I would like to share with you about something wonderful that happened to my husband.
His name is A.S. Raja(Age 42) and he has been suffering from diabetes for two years. He injured his toes and heel while driving a car four months ago, and he had to be hospitalized for two months because the wounds got worse.
Due to diabetes, his wound did not get well, and his leg was even getting numb. The doctor said it could be life-threatening if his leg was not amputated. I was at a loss as to how I would live if my husband had his leg amputated.
In the meantime, in December 2021, through the YouTube channel ‘GCNTV HINDI’, I heard the news of a Divine Healing Meeting led by Dr. Soojin Lee. My husband and I attended it and received prayer earnestly.
After that, my husband’s wound gradually recovered, the affected area decreased, and the sensation in his leg was restored. The doctor said he no longer had to have his leg amputated. Hallelujah!
Through this experience, my husband also accepted the Lord as his Savior, and now he and I are attending worship services of Manmin Central Church through YouTube. I give my tearful thanks to God for healing my husband, and I ask you to pray for my husband’s complete healing with love.

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