2011 Training for Heads of Organizations

Topic: Quantity of Faith (Romans 12:3)

The work of the sinful flesh that is done by works is of course abandoned
3rd Level of Faith beginning (1~10%): Light bodily work may occasionally occur.
Rock of Faith (more than 60%): A state of abandoning all things of the flesh

❖ 3rd Level of Faith

Less than 50% of the 3rd level of faith

•If you do not obey your own thoughts because you have deceit and a heart that moves according to your own interests, you will obey only those that are in line with your thoughts.
•Even though he is a worker with years of faith, he does not break his assertion because he has a strong spirit and his own thoughts and frameworks.
•We fast and pray for the shepherd, but we cannot give up our emotions, so we cannot be at peace and have a change of heart.
•You look good with a smile on the outside, but you still have bad feelings on the inside.

The phenomenon of less than 50-60% of the 3rd Level of Faith
•I have been faithful and devoted as a worker for a long time, but I have not been able to achieve the circumcision of my heart appropriate to the position.
•He is “good.” I couldn’t get into the rock because my frame was strong.
•The foundation of faith has not been laid, and there are still feelings of discomfort, sadness, and disappointment.
•If others do better than you, you acknowledge it, but you feel discouraged, and you lack the strength to keep something in mind.
•Even though he prays hard, he has feelings and still has a heart that only likes things that are good for him.
•Even though I have heard many words for a long time, I am strong in my frame and self-centered.
•The main reasons for not standing on the rock of faith are adultery in men and envy and jealousy in women.

The phenomenon of 60% of the 3rd Level of Faith
•Since one’s actions and longings are considered perfect, they become a framework and do not discover themselves deeply.
•They say that they long for the shepherd and follow him, but they do not care for others.
•Because of lack of spiritual love, I love my family more than souls and do not consider the pain and difficulties of souls as my own work.
•As they grow up, they do not receive love, so they do not know how to give and receive love.
•Even though we have worked hard to love God, the thoughts of the flesh that we have not thrown away become a frame and we cannot have many souls.
•Pray, be faithful, and live according to the Word, but because of self-interest, they tend to look at people rather than God.
•Even if the level of spiritual work is similar, the amount of faith differs according to the yearning for the shepherd.
•We work hard for the kingdom of God, but lack of consideration for the pastor or the saints.

The phenomenon of less than 70-80% of the 3rd Level of faith
•Negative thoughts remain that there is no evil and goodness, but lack of self.
•Because there is a lack of physical body that we do not keep in mind, we cannot enter the spirit.
•There is a change in nature that we do not realize ourselves.
•They do not look at the world and follow the right, but they focus only on justice and lack the field of love, so they cannot give warmth to those around them.
•We live according to the truth, but we do not deeply feel the love of God, the love of the Lord, and the love of the shepherd.
•You lack a broad heart to treat souls like a shepherd and to be more considerate of them.
•We run diligently and faithfully in our own way, but our actions are insufficient compared to the knowledge of the Word.
•Sometimes, they don’t obey in order, and they try to avoid the things they don’t want to do rather than commit themselves. Even the slightest arrogance must be pulled out.

The phenomenon of 80% of the 3rd Level of Faith
•She has a good heart and strives to change, but lacks boldness due to her personality frame. She longs for a shepherd, but lacks expression.
•You lack spiritual love, such as saying that you are for the other person makes the other person difficult.
You must achieve a broad mind that is considerate of others.
•Negative thoughts from the innate period act as a lack of the body, preventing further development of faith.

The phenomenon of 80-99% of the 3rd level of faith
•Due to the goodness built up by our ancestors, there are cases in which we grow spiritually rapidly even though we do not appear to be zealous because we have a good heart.
•I trust the shepherd 100%, but there are times when I am not perfect because of the thoughts of the flesh.
•I trust the shepherd and there is little evil, but there is a frame of goodness created in the process of natural growth and growth.
•Since the times of the world are unaffected, he has no desire to do evil, but his field of vision is narrow and he cannot deeply understand the feelings of others.
•There is concern that comes from a sincere and unchanging heart or timid personality.

❖ 4th Level of Faith

The phenomenon of less than 1-10% of the 4th level of Faith

•Because the fruit of the spirit borne in the heart is not perfect, the actual fruit is also not perfect. There are cases where the fruit of peace is not perfect even though they are faithful, and the love of the spirit is not fully produced even though it is not the love of the flesh.
•The heart is free of evil, but it cannot be said to be completely good.
•It’s not with bad intentions, but it can make people around you difficult as a result.
•Sometimes they do not do evil, but they are not good in God’s eyes.
•You may appear cowardly or indecisive in the eyes of a fleshly person because you do not fully consider or fully understand the other person, and do not actively engage in what you are supposed to do.
•The lack of a body remains faint.
•Unlike the lack of it at the end of the 3rd stage, it means that all evil has been thrown away, but it is still insufficient to produce whole fruits. If you are quiet when you need to take action due to a lack of personality, if you lack the ability to understand or empathize with people due to a lack of growth in the process of growth
There are cases where
•You must achieve positive good that can impress even the hearts of others.

The phenomenon of less than 10-20% of the 4th Level of Faith

•If you have gone through the process of fiery prayer and refinement in the 3rd stage of faith, you can enter the 4th stage and enter a deeper stage without stagnation.
•In order to enter the deeper level of the spirit, you must not completely break yourself through fiery prayer.
Here, the ‘self’ does not refer to the ‘natural self’, but to the ‘another self’ that must be broken in order to become one with God’s will.

The phenomenon of less than 20-50% of the 4th Level of Faith

•There may be some lack of body due to traces of flesh.
•Some are passive, some are active, some are dull and some are sensitive. Until 4% of the 50th stage, this is the process of refining the lack of sexual orientation. If it exceeds 50%, all areas of deficiency disappear.
•Because of the fragrance of the Lord, many people say, ‘Our Lord must have done this through his image.’ to receive grace
•God makes use of the strengths of each person according to their disposition, so each person has a different scent (even people of all spirits such as Abraham, Moses, and Apostle Paul have different scents).
•I feel the heart of love. When you pass 4% of the 20th level, the love of the Spirit becomes more and more perfect. He embraces many people while serving as virtue. This love of the Spirit eventually changes souls and leads many souls to heaven, and it begins to bear abundant fruit.

4th level of faith 50% or more

•There is no missing field or ‘self’, only Christ in the heart.
•We are willing to give up whatever we can for the sake of the kingdom and glory of God.
•You can give your life for the Lord as well as establish a 100% trusting relationship with God.
•In order to be perfect in all aspects, you must enter the dimension of the whole spirit, but if you exceed 4% of the 50th level, you are close to perfection.

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